December 2, 2022

If you haven’t heard, PAW Patrol: The MovieAvailable on Blu-ray, DVD. It’s perfect for the kids. Will Brisbin spoke about Ryder.

While the pups are the ones that end up saving the day, they do it all with Ryder’s leadership. We’re still sure that Ryder is Iron Man’s son considering all those gadgets. How is it possible for a 10-year-old boy to be able afford all of that? And he’s always inventing something new.

Ryder gives the commands. He’s the one who checks in on situations and figures out which pups will be best for saving the day. Quite often it’s Chase, but Marshall, Skye, Rocky, and Rubble do get called on now and then. And we can’t forget the pups that are part of the team but don’t hang out as much with the others.

Will Brisbin is singing Ryder PAW Patrol: The Movie. How was it to take on this role? We spoke to him about it, and more in this exclusive interview.

Will Brisbin is Ryder on PAW Patrol: The Movie

Hidden Remote: What attracted you to Ryder? PAW Patrol: The Movie?

Will Brisbin Ryder is so kind and caring and he’s such a great role model and leader. Ryder is my favorite character. I wanted to be an example to others. It was an amazing chance for me to try something new, and it was a lot more fun! It was an easy decision to accept the position.

HR: How much fun was it to work with voice?

WB:It was a great experience to be Ryder’s voice! I had a great time and learned a lot from vocal acting.  I had the privilege of meeting so many amazing people, and will never forget it all.

Will Brisbin. Ryan Parker.

HR: Did You See? PAW PatrolAs a child, were you ever forced to do this?

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WB: PAW PatrolThis was not the most loved show of my generation. I was older when the show came out so it wasn’t a part of my childhood, but it was a massive part of my brother’s! He is now 10. PAW PatrolThis was the show that he grew to love, and I watched a lot with my dad. I was already familiarized with the show when I had the opportunity of appearing in the movie.

HR: Do you have similar qualities to Ryder?

WB: Like Ryder, my character is kind and caring. I try to be a role example and a leader for those around. Ryder is a natural leader. I try my best to emulate Ryder because I want everyone to be happy.

HR: What was your favorite part of the movie? Do you have any memorable lines from the movie?

WB: It was amazing. It was an incredible experience. It was an amazing experience. If I had a choice, the final climactic scene where Ryder falls down an elevator shaft would be my favorite. It was great fun. I had to pretend that I was actually falling even though I was only recording in a small booth. It really tested me as an actor and was incredible!

Foreground Ryder (voiced and voiced Will Brisbin) & Chase (voiced Iain Armitage). Background L-R. Skye (voiced by Lilly Bartlam), Rocky and Rubble, Rubble. Zuma, Zuma, and Marshall in PAW PTROL THE MOVIE from Paramount Pictures. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Spin Master.

HR: It’s great that your family participates in historical reenactments in period costume. What got your family into that and is it something you’ll continue as you get older?

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WB: It was an amazing experience to volunteer at Fort Edmonton Park as a costumed interpreter for 1905 Street. As a child, I was often there and loved dressing up to relive the past.

My family’s love of history and my desire to be an actor made this the perfect opportunity.  It has been super great to bond as a family and we’ve made a lot of amazing memories together. It is something I will continue doing as I age.

HR: What’s your dream role if you could do anything at all?

WB: I would love to portray any character in an Italian mob movie. GoodfellasOr The IrishmanThat would be amazing! Jordan Belfort The Wolf of Wall StreetIt would be cool, as well. Cliff Booth Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood and Andy Dufresne from Shawshank RedemptionThey are also some characters I love.

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