January 27, 2023

AUGUSTA (Georgia) – Over the weekend, two 27-year-old mother killed by bullets in Georgia. This brought gun violence in the spotlight for the local community.

Raven Tolbert and Mercedes Gibson shared the kind of friendship that everyone wants. WRDW reports.

They were friends. They were great mothers and shared in the hardships.

Now, outside the home, the mailbox is open and full, crime scene tape is on the ground, and their children’s toysThe lawn is littered with them, demonstrating the power of an impulse.

Dennis Williams, a member the Augusta commission, said it was difficult to find answers.

“It’s not a whole lot that the system can do to eliminate the problem because the problem lies in the individual’s heart,”Williams.

He stated that education must be improved in order to encourage people to think critically and make sound decisions. Programs such as the Boys & Girls Club and churches, work-study, and other tools should be given more funding.

Collaboration and communication are key to greater cooperation with law enforcement.

“Those things that we have to work hard as community leaders and as members of the community to keep violence out of our community and area,”He said.

If you really want to make an impression, “Try and be a good role model for our young people,”Williams.

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Source: Two mothers, besties, were killed in front of their children in Ga.|

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