December 2, 2022

Lego Ferrari

Prancing Horse’s latest limited edition automotive masterpiece is the Daytona SP3 with 829 horsepower. Lego’s Technic line has created a highly detailed version of this rare limited-production Ferrari supercar. The replica is nearly 60 centimetres long and features functioning scissor doors, paddle shifters, and moving V-12 engine cylinders. But first, of course, you’ll need to assemble the Daytona SP3’s 3,778 pieces. Buy the Ferrari SP3 kit at for $500

Old-school T-shirt

Laid-Back sells a range of vintage-looking products including signs, accessories, and apparel. Although the themes vary, the passion is clearly automotive-focused, judging by the variety of men’s, women’s and children’s short- and long-sleeve T-shirts. The company’s collection includes classic pickups, Bonneville salt-flats racers and similar images. You can also choose from a variety of well-known classic and muscle car designs, from 1950s to the 1980s. T-shirts cost between $28 and $32 (U.S.), plus shipping. These and many other cool duds are available at

Rim cleaner

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Using a cloth or sponge isn’t enough to clean the mounting face (or flange) on the back side of wheels, which are prone to corrosion. A specialized tool like the Mueller Kueps inner rim cleaner is recommended for this job. It comes with a base as well as a replacement hook-and-loop cleaning disk. Simply attach it to your drill, and then hit the switch. The surface will change from grungy and rusty into shiny. Next, reinstall the wheel. According to the company, a clean face helps balance the wheels. Get full details at The cleaner costs $122 on

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