September 28, 2022


There are many Minecraft texture packs you can use to transform Mojang’s blocky sandbox. This is my favorite. MineBricks is a texture set that turns Minecraft’s classic blocks in to Lego bricks.

Although Lego and Minecraft have collaborated in the past to make physical sets, the idea for this texture pack that allows users to transform their in-game creations into Lego parts is simply amazing.

Each block is unique and has four distinctive notches. Macio6 has also made the texture pack compatible with many of the most popular Minecraft shaders including Sildur’s Vibrant and SEUS Renewed, giving each brick a stunning sheen.




(Image credit: macio6)

MineBrick’s greatest feature is its ability to be downloaded on the official website for no cost. texture pack’s website. The base download includes 128x, and 256x resolution resource pack. However, 512x and 1024 version are also available if you’re willing with $5.

You can find even more amazing things Minecraft projectsYou can find community here. One person has created a stunning IRL Minecraft blocksThese are as cool and unique as they come. A builder recreated the entire Breath Of The Wild map. Another interesting news is that Minecraft’s oldest server was brought to its knees, which is quite wild.

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Source: This texture pack makes Minecraft blocks into Lego bricks

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