September 29, 2022

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is available for PC, Mac and Xbox 360, as well as mobile versions for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones. It’s a creative video game that allows players to create and break down brick-like blocks in three-dimensional environments. The game’s goal? To explore, build, survive.

Although Minecraft may seem like a simple game, it is actually a great way to teach young people important life skills such as self-direction and problem-solving. There’s even a semiannual convention (known as “MineCon”) and an Educational initiative that’s got the game in schools, too.

The Best LEGO Minecraft Sets That You Can Buy Online

Minecraft has been a living, breathing entity since its creation. There are now hundreds of worlds, themes and versions of Minecraft. There’s even a LEGO-Minecraft combo (which is referred to as a Minecraft set) that children can play with IRL.

Need help deciding which Minecraft set is best? We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Give the gift of creativity by giving one (or more) of these sets. Check out the Minecraft sets below.

LEGO Minecraft The Crafting Kit 3.0

This LEGO Minecraft set, 564 pieces, is suitable for players eight years and older. It features popular characters Steve, Alex Creeper, Pig, and Zombie as well as a number fun features (including a TNT rocketer). “My son loves LEGO Minecraft and this is the best,”One Amazon reviewer writes. “He often gets hung up on making the sets exactly right, but this open-ended box makes my very rigid kid more comfortable with not using directions. They do provide some, but with these options he’s more comfortable with being creative.”


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LEGO Minecraft The Creeper

This LEGO Minecraft set is great for Creeper fans. This set includes 834 pieces, three minifigures, and three explosive function. Your hands-on tike will love it. It also includes The Creeper Mine which features the Creeper statue, rail track and minecart as well as a sleeping shelter. “My eight-year-old son who loves Minecraft LEGO sets asked for this set for his birthday and he’s happy with everything,”One Amazon reviewer writes. “What does he like most? According to my son, this is the big scenery set and there are many traps. Regarding building process, he didn’t have any problem in building it by himself. He enjoys building and playing for hours and hours.”



LEGO Minecraft The Redstone Battle

Redstone Battle brings together features from Minecraft Dungeons online into the real world. This set includes 504 pieces. You will also find four Minecraft heroes, including Hex and Hal, to help your child defeat the bad guys. “My kid loves this! He was so excited when it came in and I was so excited to see him want to do something other than get on a game console,”One Amazon reviewer writes. “This is perfect for gifting, or if you like Legos yourself…. have at it! lol … definitely recommend.”



Cheap Minecraft LEGO Sets

If there’s one thing kids don’t understand, it’s money. Choose one of the Minecraft sets below to avoid overspending.

LEGO Hidden Side Wrecked Shrimp Boat

This augmented reality set is unique in that it’s all about living life on the sea. It contains 310 pieces, as well as four mini-figures including Jack Davids, Parker L. Jackson, Captain Jones and Jones Jr., Spencer (the ghost dog), and an albino aligator. (Tbh, this sounds pretty awesome and I’m allegedly an adult.) “My five-year-old loves the whole ‘scary’ and interactive part, and couldn’t wait to put it together,”One Amazon reviewer wrote this. “My wife and I play with our phones while my daughter plays with us. The interactive part works really great and is definitely bringing LEGO to the next level. It’s fun to capture the ghosts, finish tasks, etc. I hope Lego will not drop the line and keep investing in it.”Note: To fully enjoy interactive play, you will need a tablet or a mobile device.

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LEGO Minecraft The Pillager Station

This 303-piece Minecraft rescue mission kit features crossbow-carrying and TNT-explosive pillagers, a fully-equipped tent, an archery practice zone, and dummies. The three sections allow your child to build and rebuild the town while avoiding troublesome pillagers. “My 10-year-old picked this out and ordered it himself, with my supervision,”One Amazon reviewer writes. “It was pretty easy for him to build (he’s been collecting and building LEGO sets since he was five) and he loves the Iron Golem. Definitely a must-have for kids that love to build LEGO sets.”



LEGO Minecraft The Blaze Bridge

The Blaze Bridge LEGO LEGO set contains 372 pieces as well as an Alex minifigure, a wither figure, and two blaze characters with spinnable rods. This set is ideal for boys and girls aged eight years or older. “My son loves this set! It was a gift for his birthday,”One Amazon reviewer writes. “He’s a true engineer-brained kid, so this was a perfect way for him to keep his hands busy and let his imagination wander!”



Big Minecraft LEGO Sets

You can purchase Minecraft LEGO sets up to 1,000 pieces for your child if they are up for a challenge. Though, we’d recommend buying a Case for Minecraft or organizerJust in case.

LEGO Minecraft The Ocean Monument

This set comes with 1,122 pieces so your child will have hours of fun. It also includes a Minecraft ocean monument that has a water sponge access function, opening treasure chamber, and a cave with an open furnace. The kit also includes Alex and Steve mini-figures. “My nine-year-old loves this set!”One Amazon reviewer wrote this. “It’s so much cooler than I thought it would be! It looks kind of meh from the outside, but the inside of this thing is amazing. Tons of neat little cubby holes and traps and stuff. Extremely happy with this gift!!”



LEGO Minecraft The Bedrock Adventures

The Bedrock Adventures Minecraft Lego set contains 644 pieces. Although it’s been discontinued, it’s still available for purchase and has multiple five-star reviews. It also includes Alex and Steve, two Minecraft characters. “Bought this for my 11 year old son for his Birthday,”One Amazon reviewer writes. “I think he has played with it for 30 days straight. He loves it. Worth every cent.”



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