December 2, 2022

If fighting the clutter in your house feels like a battle you can’t win, it might be time to call in some professionals — which I’ve done right here. I reached out professional organizers and designers who are experts in creating clutter-free environments. They say you can declutter so much crap with these clever things — and strategies.

Smart strategies are often able to eliminate clutter. Decluttering doesn’t require you to work hard, it requires that you work smart. It turns out you don’t have to spend the weekend cleaning to get back your living space. In fact, it’s more effective to transform your home with a few quick and easy solutions and to attack the problem in small bursts — or zones. Start now to live clutter-free. These items will help you on your way.

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A set of floating shelves that can create decorative storage

Sarah Bowen, UK-based designer of interiors and co-founder at Home Improvement Site Give your home a makeoverThis article explains how to deal with clutter creep. “[kitting] your home out with smart storage.”There is plenty of space around your home if you know exactly where to look. “Make the most of all those small spaces, like an unused fireplace, by building floating shelves.”

These Floating shelvesYou can convert the wall space between the bathroom and stairs into a storage area for small decorative items, toiletries and other small items.


Cube storage unit that is easy to assemble and can be used to make custom shelving

Bowen suggests making the most of the space below the stairs. “adding sloped under-stairs cube storage racks, and hooks.”This configurable Storage rackIt’s ideal for hiding under the stairs or under your clothes in the wardrobe, or in a sloped corner. You can store extra clothes, shoes and bags in the closet. It can hold 105 lbs of gear and can be assembled in any way you like.


This basket is great for transporting items up and down stairs.

Is it that you have a flight of stairs that makes it difficult to put things in the right places? This staircase basketYou can stop them from moving to a new location by storing it as clutter. It is simple to place it on the stairs and add any items you need. You can then take them up the stairs. It stores your items while in transition.

“This has saved our staircase from the cluttered mess it was,”One reviewer agreed. “Made it easy to carry everything up or down in one fell swoop.”


These shelves tap into underutilized corner spaces

Even small spaces — like the corner at the top of the stairs or that unused corner in the closet — can be put to good use with the right piece of shelving. This floating, two-tiered shelving unit works well in small spaces. Corner shelfThis is a great way transform a corner into storage space to store miniatures, ceramics, or your decorative bottle collection. They fit neatly into that corner and, since they aren’t connected to each other, you can customize the height to fit your needs.

“I used this black corner shelf in the tiniest of guest bathrooms to create a rustic industrial look and it worked perfectly,”One reviewer agreed.


Pro tip: “divide & conquer”

Bowen says, “When you’re in the organizational mindset it’s easy to find yourself walking between rooms organizing little spots in each.”Hyperfocus is a better approach. “To effectively declutter, you must divide and conquer,”She is willing to share her expertise. “Choose one spot and stick to it, then move on to the next only once the first is complete.”


Clear storage containers that raise the pantry

Bowen claims “Clear plastic bins are a declutterer’s best friend…”This is the final set. Food storage containersClear and easily shaped, they make a great addition to the kitchen. They stack so you can organize and maximize space.

“Get all your pasta, grains, and [more] into those little transparent beauties and stack, stack, stack,”She says.


A beautiful ottoman storage ottoman ottoman that conceals your items but keeps them accessible.

“I absolutely love finding beautiful pieces that have hidden storage,” says J.R. Coffin, interior designer at Brooklyn-based Studio Den Den. “It’s a great way to not only remove visual clutter but also makes cleaning much easier because items can be hidden away immediately.”

This velvet, hinged-top velvet storage ottoman benchAll of this while looking fantastic in your entryway, or on the couch. It can be ordered in beige, gray or both. It can also hold pillows and blankets at the ends of your bed.


An ottoman storage solution that is affordable and can be used in any room

You don’t have to commit to a large furniture purchase to store your clutter in a Storage ottoman, though. This cube-shaped option has a faux leather top that lifts off and can be used in front an armchair or at your feet on the bed. It can be used anywhere shoes, books, or toys are hidden. It can also be used to provide extra seating or for your feet. It is so affordable and easy to use — and folds up for storage.


All those stuffed animal should be kept in soft and cuddly storage

If your child is obsessed by stuffed animals, it can spiral outof control and create a messy bedroom. This is the mumbo jumbo storage bean bag is another great piece of kit that hides all of that clutter — or, rather, gives all those much-loved friends a cozy home.

It’s an ideal place to store off-season clothes, blankets, and pillows, too. You can use it as a lounger by simply opening it and stuffing it with everything. It’s so easy that a child can do it and it comes in six snazzy patterns that look great in a child’s room.


Pro tip: Use canteloupe-sized or larger objects to decorate your home.

If you have trouble distinguishing clutter from decor, coffin is the answer. “A great rule … is to only decorate with objects larger than a cantaloupe. Everything else should be hidden away, but leave out a few large coffee table books and a modern vase to make your space feel serene.”This Ceramic vase in minimalist designHer favorite is the one that she uses.


A box that quickly conceals a mess tangled cables

“Well-designed homes make technology appear seamless,”Coffin. “With the increasing number of digital devices we all have now, having a good cable management system is an absolute must.”

This cable management boxIt is easy to use and blends seamlessly in your space. Simply place the power strip in the container, run the cords into the slots at each end, and then close it. It protects cords from pets and children.


Tip: Use the “four pile method”This hack makes it super easy for you to declutter

Cristina Chirila, an interior designer based out of the UK, is Cristina Chirila. FCI InteriorsThere is a hack that can simplify clutter removal. It’s called the Four Pile Method.

“Divide your belongings into four heaps,”She says. “Things to keep, things to donate, things to throw away, and things to sell.” It’s important, though, to be ruthless when sorting if you want to make progress. Cristina says: “Ask yourself if you would buy the item if you saw it in a store.”


Set of entryway hooks to stop clutter from getting inside.

Chirila suggests that you create a system at your entryway to keep clutter out of your house. “Allocate a hook to each household member,”She says. “Each person will be responsible for emptying their hook when it’s full.” It keeps your bag, jacket, keys, and other daily necessities from cluttering surfaces and makes it easy to leave the house because you won’t have to search for them.

These machines are heavy-duty Wall hooksThese hooks are minimalistic and simple in design. The five strong hooks allow for plenty of space.


This key rack allows keys, leashes, sunglasses to be hung.

Chirila suggests that you extend this entryway strategy to everyday pocket items like keys and sunglasses. “Invest in organization aids such as a sunglass tray, key hook, change jar, and umbrella holder to keep the area tidy,”She said. You will have a place to empty your wallet as you walk in the front door, and you won’t be cluttered. You’ll do less cleaning and be able to locate your keys easily.

This is a simple, small idea. Key rack It can be tucked in any entranceway and has three large storage spaces for keys, glasses, and dog leashes.


An umbrella stand to keep your entry clean

Instead of letting umbrellas get lost in your closets and storage areas where they won’t be found, make this simple umbrella standThe bottom of the umbrella is where you’ll find the entryway. The mesh metal allows umbrellas to dry. They can be stored open so they don’t get wet when you return home. An umbrella is always at hand.


Clear bins to organize your fridge’s interior

When you are ready to take on the kitchen, don’t forget about the interior of the fridge. Being able to find the ingredient you need when you need it — and preventing perishables from getting lost till they go bad — is worth the time and effort.

“Organise the refrigerator using clear bins where you can store various packets,”Chirila. This set of six refrigerator organizer binsIt allows you categorize all your items and place them on shelves. This will allow to keep track all your produce and ingredients, so you can find them all easily.


This multi-tiered drawer organize is ideal for sorting junk from your junk drawer

“Even the junk drawer can have a semblance of order,”Chirila. “Use multi-[tiered] inserts to compartmentalize it.”This stackable kitchen storage organizerIt is a good idea as it allows you organize your junk drawer, making it easy to find cables, batteries, and other sundries. It’s clear so you can see everything in it and the upper tray holds smaller things so they don’t get lost among the large items.


A set of storage bins that make cleanup easy in the kids’ bedroom

It is difficult to keep clutter out of the children’s room. This room is full with toys that are constantly in flux and occupied daily by chaos agents. It is essential to have a versatile storage system. “Use clear bins with labels so it is easy to find toys,”Chirila. “[But] keep the bins small as the big ones encourage clutter.”

These Storage bins with windowsThese are a wonderful option. You can see inside them so that when Duplo are out and Legos are in, you’ll know what’s what. They are easy to store on shelves but can be quickly pulled out to allow you to toss toys inside. There are six colors to choose from.


A hamper for the children’s room, so clothes have a place to go

“Add a hamper to the room where your kids can add clothes they have outgrown,”Chirila agrees. This will enable them to get rid clutter that might otherwise clog their drawers and closets. This will also teach children how to organize their space, which can be a valuable skill for life.

This large, shark-shaped item HamperIt’s a great option. It looks playful in the room and it’s fun to feed things into its gaping maw. It is available in three colours.


This dedicated organizer for bags & accessories so they don’t crowd the closet

To keep your bedroom clutter-free, you will need to create separate storage areas to store odd-shaped items. “For easy organizing, have compartments fitted into your wardrobes for bags, accessories, shoes, etc,”Chirila. This will allow you to organize your belongings easily and prevent clutter from getting into your room.

This is an option that can be used outside the door Bag organizer is an ideal option if you don’t want to do construction. It can be hung above a door to create six accessible compartments. It keeps them dust-free.


Hanging shoe organizer for shoes and wallets

This 10-shelf shelf can be used to store small items, such as wallets, gloves, and shoes. Hanging shoe organizer that puts small, shoe-sized cubbies within easy reach — hanging from the closet rod. Use them to store everything from small bags and large wallets to shoes, scarves, and your collection of bulky socks that won’t fit in your sock drawer. There are 10 mesh pockets on each side for smaller items like belts and accessories.


A nightstand that includes drawers for your glasses, medicines, or other items.

Another organizational challenge is removing clutter from your nightstand. Chirila suggests Chirila’s suggestions. “invest in bedside tables with pull-out drawers and neatly store personal items including reading glasses, charging cables, and medicines.”So you can have all the things you need, but your nightstand won’t be cluttered.

This nightstand is an affordable option that offers two generously-sized drawers with a solid top that’s a nice spot for a vase and alarm clock. There are nine colors to choose from.


Pro tip: Being thorough reaps benefits

“Think of this process as a marathon, not a sprint,”Chirila. “When your home is clutter-free, you will have:

  • Less to clean
  • Less to organize
  • Less stress

It’s not worth clogging up your closet with things that you ‘might need someday.’ What you need is space to enjoy the home and life you are living today.”


These stacking containers can be used to create storage spaces in your garage or storage area.

Lisa Cantu is a professional planner based in Orange County and the owner A well-organized home, says, “Sort by zone!”She suggests this trick. “clear bins and label [them] holiday, sports, tools, etc… [Then] stack bins in zones created in the garage like sports equipment zone, swimming toys/beach zone, etc.”

These are the clear. Storage latch boxesThis strategy is best implemented with lids. The lids lock securely. They have handles. And you can easily see what’s in them.


A pegboard system transforms walls into organized storage

“Utilize the wall space with hooks or peg boards for backpacks dog leashes, rakes, brooms, etc,”Cantu. This pegboardWall organizers are a great way for tools and small sporting equipment to be organized, as well as collars and leashes. You can see everything when it’s stored. It’s easy to access. It’s easy to see if an item is missing so that you can determine if you need to replace a hand-rake, or hammer. Six pieces of pegboard are available so that you can create large walls or smaller areas.


These pegboard utility Hooks can hold all shapes, sizes, and types of gear

These 10 Utility hooks for pegboardsWall-storage systems are incomplete without them. These shapes can be used for everything, including tennis rackets and rakes. They can also store power tools, and other sporting equipment. They are made of steel with a vinyl coating and can be arranged however you wish.


This large shelving unit can be used to stack storage bins, and make use vertical space.

Another way to maximize storage capacity? “Go vertical!”Cantu. “Getting a metal shelving unit to hold bins helps free up some floor space,”She says. “Or stack [bins to] create space on the garage floor.”

This machine is heavy-duty. Shelving unitThis is a great way organize your gear in safe and accessible vertical stacks. Each shelf can hold 80 lbs. They can also be adjusted to your specific needs. The rust-resistant coating will last many years. It snaps together quickly. And the feet can be leveled so it’s sturdy.


These bed risers convert the under-bed space to useful storage

“There is a substantial volume of empty space to utilize under [your bed],”Devin Shaffer, Interior Designer Lead at Decorilla Online Interior Design. “Even a bed platform can make a fantastic solution for storing seasonal clothes.”These pillows are 3-inch in size and can be used to fix a bed too low to hold any other items. bed risers. To gain more space, just place your feet in them and then get some bins that fit under (there may be some on this list …).).


These vacuum storage bags transform piles into small stacks

“I also love using vacuum bags,” shares Shaffer. “When done right they can make under-bed storage double as a whole new wardrobe closet.”These bags can be used to store blankets and other off-season clothing. Next, use the included pump to shrink them or your vacuum. You can then store them in small stackable bags. Then stash them under the bed or on closet shelves — you can see what’s in them but they take up so much less space. You can also open them and reuse them as often as you wish.


A wall-mounted knife band which frees drawer space and counter space

Shaffer states that you can use just one tool to clear drawer space in your kitchen and organize your most-used items. “Backsplash-mounted magnetic holders are attractive and open up more space in drawers that would otherwise be used for knives, ladles, and other large pieces of kitchen utensils,”He said.

This 14-inch stainlesssteel can be used for construction. knife stripIt is a great option for keeping everything, from scissors to your entire knife collection, out of harm’s reach but also allowing you to easily reach them. It displays your knives and not hides them.


These bags can hold so many things!

Janette Mallory is an L.A.-based interior designerJanette Mallory interiorsTapping is also a popular choice. “hidden spaces (like under the bed)”Storage. A solid set of underbed storage bags is likely all you’ll need to find enough room for your spare blankets or store a winter wardrobe there. This two-pack includes everything you need: a large clear top that zips all the way open and a convenient handle at its front.


Hanging rods to double your closet’s hanging space

“Hanging bars in closets … can also make items easy to access if they are often in use,”Mallory agrees. This can be adjusted closet hanging rodFor example, it doubles the closet rod’s carrying capacity, making it easier to access your garments. The chrome-finished steel structure with chrome finish can be adjusted in height. It also looks sleek in the closet.


This over-the-door organizer to tap space that’s going to waste

To further deploy Mallory’s strategy of finding more space for storage, look for doors with dead space behind them that can accommodate an over-the-door organizer. This one is available in black or white and can store personal care products, as well as office files, in large mesh baskets. The nine hooks can be used to hang towels, hats, and jackets. It’s a great product that customers love. “sturdy and stylish”It delivers, and you agree. “more storage … without taking up any space at all.”


Pro tip: take photos to encourage decluttering

Paola Zamudio, the founder and chief designer of npz studioIt is possible to be a friend. “[Take] before and after photos with the items you want to get rid of and see how the space looks with and without the item. Do you really need that 90’s Lava Lamp? I didn’t think so.”


These colorful storage bins are great for sorting by color palette

Purging can be hard because it is difficult to let go of things you don’t need or like in the future. Zamudio provides some tips to help with this. “[classifying] the items you like and don’t like by color can help a lot.”It is possible to lose your love for certain colours, especially when you are talking about clothing. You can clutter up your space by holding on to a color that you don’t wear anymore. “Try to keep only colors in a palette that you absolutely adore,”She said. “If the color is crashing it’s time to say goodbye!”

These foldables Cube storage binsSix pastel colors can make this easier. These colors can be used for grouping items by color. Once you are willing to let go, it’ll be easy.


You will need a set of large storage bags to store your clothes donated.

When you are decluttering, it can be helpful to imagine that the clothes and household objects you have thrown out will one day be useful again. “As they say, someone’s garbage is someone else’s treasure,” says Zamudo. Zamudo claims that it makes it easier for people to donate to the bin. Storage bags. They hold a lot, the four-pack is just $20, and even when fully loaded they are easy to toss into the car — the big handles make them easy to move.


A bedside caddy that stores items close to you, without creating clutter

“If you want to avoid clutter on your nightstand or don’t own one,”Design’s co-founder and design expert, Kate Wight. Design Ideas Guide, “a bedside caddy can offer the perfect organizational solution.”This felt solution comes in four colors

“With a hanging mount, it attaches to the side of your bed and has compartments for your phone, tablet, water bottle, lotion, and any other bedroom essentials,”She says. “This product design can also be great for a crib or kid’s bedroom.”


This set includes a variety spice jars that have been coordinated and a funnel for easy filling

“I’m a big fan of matching containers that can be placed in cupboards and pantries to keep your ingredients fresh while maintaining uniformity and consistency,”Wight. “[Like] with a pull-out cabinet organizer for spices, allowing quick and easy access when you’re cooking in a hurry.”

This set includes 16 glasses spice jarsIt will make your pantry look like a ship’s deck. It includes 40 chalkboard labels, a pen, sift and pour shaker caps, and a cleaning brush. It also includes 40 chalkboard labels, a pen, and sift-and pour shaker caps. Pull-out spice rackThis is the ideal spot to display your newly-coordinated spice collection.


An organizer for shoe- and boot storage that slides under your mattress

“If you have many items that don’t have a designated home,”Kate Diaz, interior designer, decor expert, and cofounder of Swanky Den, “consider investing in some storage containers or baskets that can be tucked away under the bed or in a closet.”

Boots, for example, can be kicked around in a closet but it is better to keep them under the bed in these underbeds Shoe and boot organizers. Your shoes and boots will be kept out from the elements and dust free. The top is clear and easy to reach with the two large handles.


These LED lights allow you to easily see into your storage area and closets.

“Install overhead lighting to make it easier to see what’s stored in the garage and avoid using harsh fluorescent light bulbs, which can cause eye strain over time,”Diaz. These wireless LEDs under cabinet lightsThese remotes are easy to install with screws or adhesive. They shine warm white light onto your items. You can adjust the brightness and how long they stay on before they turn off. You can tap the lens to turn on the lights or use your remote controller.


These drawer organizers can help organize your underwear drawer.

Drawer organizers are a lifesaver if your drawers are a mess [or] if you just want to make things easier to grab,”Tara Spaulding, interior design coordinator and consultant Patio Productions. This six-piece set will give you the structure you need to organize your drawers. There are three sizes available to fit smaller items, such as socks and belts, or larger items, such as bras and T-shirts. They are available in eight colours.


The expandable drawer organizer that’s superb for utensils or craft supplies

This expandable has been set drawer organizerThe junk drawer stores your sewing or craft materials. It can also be used to organize small items in the shallow drawers of your kitchen. It can expand and contract to fit most drawer sizes. There are six to eight compartments depending on the drawer’s size. Bamboo is attractive, durable and easy-to clean.


To create a minimalist entryway, combine a shoe rack with a bench

Spaulding suggests organizing benches inside your entryway to keep shoes, bags and hat clutter at bay. “Not only does it give you a place to put your shoes, it’ll give you a spot to sit while putting on and taking off your shoes,”She said.

This is a three-tiered system shoe rack benchTwo shelves are provided for shoes to keep them organized and off the floor. You can also place your bag onto the surface and use it as a seat to store your shoes. It comes in six colors and has over 14,000 5-star reviews.

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