January 27, 2023

Season 3 is now available! The debut of BEYBLADE BURNT was made on Marvel HQIndia, December 7, 2020. The series follows the epic adventures that Aiger Akabane embarks on to become an invincible Blader with the help of Turbo Bey Z Achilles, and claim the title of world Champion. The 51-episode series will air on Indian TV from Monday to Friday. You can view the series online. Telegu, Tamil, Hindi

Originating in Japan in 1999 BEYBLADE brand is currently at third generation, with fiveAnimation seasons. The series Popular acclaim from India Multigenerational adoptions beloved themesMany generations of fans share a deep connection through their shared love and competition. BEYBLADE BURST was the next generation. India’s Marvel HQ in 2018, the new generation was extremely well-received in many areas, winning numerous awards Fans of all agesBoth young and old

The skilled team at Dream Theatre This brand, which has partnered with a successful partner for content syndication/merchandise rights, will be represented by ADK Emotions NY IncGlobally, the BEYBLADE brand is managed by. (ex. Asia The brand is bringing excitement to the table in2021, which is also a welcome Year the20th anniversary the first generation of animated series. Stay tuned for additional animated series!

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Source: The third season of Beyblade’s 3rd Generation, ‘Beyblade Burst Turbo’Marvel HQ India unveils,

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