October 2, 2022

Fast & FuriousLudacris stars The EqualizerNetflix’s upcoming crime thriller, “Queen Latifah”Netflix now offers, End of the Road.

The streaming platform released a first trailer for Millicent shelton’s movie, which promises to keep fans on the edge.

The action-packed trailer shows Brenda Latifah (Latifah), on a cross country trip with her brother Ludacris and her two children Cam & Kelly.

Brenda loses her husband, and her job. What was supposed to be a fresh start for her family turns into a struggle for survival as they become the next target of a mysterious killer in New Mexico desert.

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Brenda’s brother feels that something is wrong because it reminds him about some. “serious Area 51 shit”Before the family goes to bed, they stop by a motel near their hotel.

They hear a commotion and assume it’s a party. The gunshot goes off, and panic ensues. Brenda and her brother rush to the next bedroom to assist the man in need. They then enter the dangerous and deadly world of a drug ring.

The sheriff notices that the family appears to be safe the next morning and informs them that they are not in danger. “fortune of drug money”It has been lost.

It turned out that Ludacris stole the cash stash from Brenda and told her how much she could have. “save our lives”.

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Here’s a cat-and-mouse situation. “game” across the country, as the killer – wanting the money the family took – figures out Brenda’s identity and kidnaps her son.

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Latifah’s character declares victory after a series of intense car chases. “us or them”Before she pulls out her gun on her offscreen enemy she declares: “Nobody messes with my family.”

Beau Bridges, Frances Lee McCain, Keith Jardine, Keith Jardine, as well Jesse Luken, Keith Jardine and Keith Jardine are all part of the ensemble.

End of the RoadNetflix releases the movie September 9th.

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