February 4, 2023

Treat the little girl in you life to one of the hottest toys for 2022. (Photos: Amazon)

Toddlers are dynamic — they’re learning and changing so much every day! Toys are a great way to help them learn. “Virtually all toys help in some form of development — and that can be a pot and a spoon for that matter,”Independent analyst and historian of toys Chris Byrne, aka The Toy Guy. “Toys that encourage exploration and self-guided play really do support the developing toddler.”Byrne says that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to give children ages 1 and 3 a rich experience. “Parents should cherish that; it’s the last time they’ll get off so easily!”There are great options for those who can afford to spend more. (We’ve compiled a list with the top toys in every price range.

These are the holiday trends Squishmallows stuffies, character toys featuring CocoMelonAnd BlueyOf course Lego Duplo sets. Toys that support gross-motor development, such the Razor Rollie DLX scooter, Tonka 1968 Mighty DumpThe Learn and Balance SetThese are great products. These products are great for encouraging creativity and fine motor skills. Connectix, Play-DohDollhouse accessories and playsets. Now let’s get to shopping!

An ever-popular option. DuploByrne explains why sets are good for fine motor coordination. This new arrival is for toddlers 2 years and older. “This set is especially cute with the little animals,”Writers One happy customer, “and will be a great way to teach them about wildlife.”

An ideal first scooter


Rollie DLX Scooter

This model is perfect for toddlers as it features an adjustable seat, a wide base, and a wide base. The LED lights are a joy for little ones!

Target: $50

This is what Byrne adores Scooter for toddler development. “Toys that really give kids a chance to immerse in fine or gross motor activities are usually excellent,”He said. The Rollie DLX glides well, especially when compared with other scooters. The lights are a hit with both parents and children. “My 3 year old loves how it lights up and for me I love that there’s no on and off button for the lights,”One satisfied customer Razor customer. “It automatically lights up with movement and turns off when it stops.”

A musical puppy with paws!


DJ Beat Boxer

VTech’s interactive boxer is a finalist in the Toy of the Year category for the plush category. This purple puppy is loved and adored by toddlers.

Amazon Prime: $28

DJ Beat BoxerShe is capable of many fun functions. She responds to toddler touch by making sounds and motions. Children can also make music with mixing abilities. She dances to the music, and nods along. Cuddle Mode allows the pup to make realistic noises and be ready to snuggle.

This is how you can pop this Water wheel Your little one will be splashing water into the bathtub’s side. A cup to pour water is included (always a hit), and a figurine depicting a baby shark. Put the figure in the wheel and take him along for a ride. Playmobil 1.2.3 is a great toy for toddlers. They’re high-quality sets that engage little imaginations and hands.

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This is a sweet!Train setIt’s a great gift option for toddlers, and also developmental children. “The Brio My First Railway hits a lot of these assets — fine motor, creative, interactive,”Byrne. Additional wooden Brio sets and accessories can be purchased if your child is interested.

ThisToddler-sized seat (it’s 19 inches high) is a winner. It’s got a cover that comes off for easy cleaning (and yes, you can toss it in the washing machine) and handy side pockets where kiddos can stash toys. There’s even a handle on top so it can be dragged around the house.

This gift idea is great for plastic playsets: CoComelon Ultimate Learning BusIs it a? Toy of the year Finalist a Toy Insider Top Holiday Toys inclusion, it’s on Amazon’s Toys We Love List and it won a NAPPA Award. So yeah, it’s a sold pick! “The Learning Bus is awesome, but there are also a variety of JJ dolls,” says Byrne, if you’re looking for something a bit more cuddly.

This compact can unleash creativity wooden dollhouse. The 31 pieces can be enjoyed by children with their pets or furniture. Bonus: Assembly is easy. “Amazing quality, my daughter spends hours playing,”Writes a Amazon customer happy. “Love the modern music twist on a classic doll house.”

These high-quality dolls are now on sale Madame AlexanderThey are very poseable, have lots to style their hair and come with accessories that correspond to their hobbies. One doll plays tennis, while the other eats Ice Cream. She comes with a bag, ball, visor and purse. Another loves camping and chess. It is ideal for children 3 years old and older because of its small accessories.

A new toy is available ConnetixFine motor, creative, and interactive play. “It is for the older toddler,”Says Byrne “I love these sets, but they may be a little pricey for a lot of parents. The design is worth the money for those who want to spend it, and the magnets are safely embedded and the whole product so well designed.”

This is a big gift that will bring big smiles to big facesPlayset for ice cream truckThis is large enough that you can share it with friends. The package includes 27 accessories and 12 Play Doh cans. Maximum fun is guaranteed. “Creative play is always good, particularly when it involves paints, compounds, or other things,”Says Byrne “That’s why I think you’re right on with the Play-Doh Ice Cream Truck.”

Your toddler may prefer frozen waffles or scrambled eggs for their first meal of each day, but there are many other options for global breakfast options. This colorful book contains many pages. Board book Illustrations of churros and Venezuelan churros, Mandazi from Tanzania, Cachapas and Venezuela, and other delicious foods. This book is loved for its bright illustrations and easy-to-read text.

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This red-and-yellow edition celebrates its 75th anniversary. Who needs lights and sounds when there are so many options? Tonka’s classic dump truck It is a reliable vehicle that doesn’t require any new tech. This guy is made from Steel Classics. Toddlers will love to haul dirt, toys, and sand around, and then throw it out. Let the good times roll!

Squishmallows are the hottest thing out there this year,”This is Byrne’s favorite line of stuffed toys. There are so many adorable critters to choose from, you can find your toddler’s favorite animal. “Really cute and well made,”One Walmart reviewer said this. “Gloria is a perfect example of original Squishmallow quality. I’m very happy with my purchase.”

You can touch and look at a roller, light-up buttons, and a pull cord to name a few. VTech’s Pop & Spin Mower. It can also be used to push babies along the path. “I got this for my 18 month old to use in the yard and she loves it so much!”Writers Amazon reviewer happy. “She especially loves playing with the toy when daddy is out mowing the yard. It’s very cute and it even makes the same sounds that a real lawnmower does!”

This includes Ted Lasso, Rebecca Welton, Coach Beard and Coach Beard, Roy Kent and Sam Obisanya, as well as Coach Beard and Coach Beard.Set limited editionLittle People. The AFC Richmond team is made up of chunky plastic dolls that can be used by little hands. Or parents might want to keep this collection boxed and display it as a collector’s set! “I love this. Makes me smile,”Writers one Amazon Ted Lasso fan. “The details on each one, the box front and back… perfect!!!!”

This durable, open-concept design is durable CamperIt is just too cute. This is so adorable that toddlers can play with it for hours. “grilling” with the Stack’n’Stay set, complete with electronic lights and sounds. Other features include Dutch doors, storage, a skylight, wheel, storage and a working doorbell. The Adventure Camper will look great underneath any Christmas tree.

Sleepy Eyes OwlThere are two types of bedtime relaxation. One is 20 minutes quiet, volume-controlled and with nightlight. The second is a sound machine that offers 7 options. The owl’s eyes slowly start closing, encouraging your toddler to do the same. This is a great gift!

This wooden cookie set This item is great for use in a play-kitchen. However, it can also be used by itself. 12 sliced cookies and 12 toppings are included. Also included is a knife/spatula and cookie sheet.

There are over 15,000 5-star ratings on Amazon — it’s a solid buy! “The ‘decorations’ are removable (velcro) so they can add or remove them if they desire,”This is how you are satisfied. Amazon reviewer. “When they are removed, the cookies all velcro together and the toy knife allows them to ‘slice and bake’ the cookies. We look forward to many baking sessions and cookie parties over the next few years!”

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“At this age, kids are really starting to engage with characters,”Byrne, a TV- and movie-related toys expert. Animated Australian Series BlueyThis is a hit for both parents as well as children. “The important thing about characters, however, is that if they exist in an on-screen environment, they have to be compelling enough so that kids want to take that character off the screen and express themself through play with it.”

Bluey and her trashtruckThis set is a winner! This set includes bins, as well as many details accessories.

Spatial learning can be a great qualityBalance beam setLittle Partners. It’s easy to store and set up, and toddlers will love completing their own obstacle courses and challenges. It’s also perfect for playing “the floor is lava”!

“This is a nice item to build confidence and coordination,”Comment One Amazon reviewer. “Solid construction, great finish and very sturdy.”

This little schoolhouse set can be carried anywhere — it folds up into a backpack with adjustable straps. It’s a great travel tool or something to bring to visit family and friends. Each room includes furnitureAnd accessories — the tiny toilet even has a lid that flips! Airplane BoatVersions are also possible.

The hoop adjusts to 6 different heights to grow with your child, making this a gift that’ll last. The base can be weighed with sand for more secure play. This set It can be used indoors and outdoors. “This is the second one we have owned,”Comment Amazon offers 2-time buyers. “The first one lasted 15 years sitting outside by the pool. GREAT PRODUCT.”

The caps lock lets you know it’s a winner.

This CoComelon winnerThere are three play modes that offer endless hours of entertainment. Chase mode encourages toddlers or young children to follow the toys. Hide ‘N Seek has Chase hide and count, and it even moves to “find” your child. The Sit ‘N Play option lets toddlers enjoy all the tactile offerings. Touch the antennas and hear sounds and songs. Chase’Children can smile and ask questions.

This package contains 14 colorful pieces SetSpike aids with color recognition, counting, fine motor skills, and counting. Spike has received more than 44,000 positive Amazon ratings. “This hedgehog is adorable,”Writers One happy Amazon customer. “My nephew who is 18 months old loved it and played with it for weeks. Would gift again to someone else.”

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