January 27, 2023


TESCO launched an up to half price sale On toys- and it could be good for parents who’ve got last-minute Christmas presents to Buy.

There are discounts available at the supermarket for popular brands such as Paw Patrol or Barbie.

The Sun has compiled our top picks Tesco to reduce 50% on toys

Harry PotterNerf fans are also in luck with special deals on these products.

Different products may not be the same. Half price is not always the best deal.

The sale Dec 14,  started  and It will run for approximately two weeks until Sunday, Dec 27.

All toy discounts will be available in-store if you purchase larger sizes Tesco Supermarkets may have some items online but not all.

How to compare prices and get the best deal

JUST BECAUSE something is on sale or part of a sale It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s always a great deal.

Many comparison websites will allow you to check prices. Don’t pay more than you need! to.

To create the most useful tools, they compare the prices of hundreds upon hundreds of retailers.

These are some of our favorites:

Google Shopping allows users to search for specific items using a search engine. Compare prices across the web to find products. Enter keywords or product numbers. Search Results will appear

Price Spy tracks the history for how much a product has been priced at more than 3,000 retailers. Once you have chosen a product, you can quickly compare their prices. price andIt is in stock

Idealo allows you to compare prices from different retailers. All shoppers need to do is search for the item that interests them and the website will rank it from the cheapest to the most expensive.

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CamelCamelCamel applies only to Amazon-sold goods. To use CamelCamelCamelCamel enter the URL for your product. To check the price of.

We couldn’t see everything sale Items mentioned below on this page Tescosite when we checked it today. These toys are also available online.

If you are having trouble finding what you need, it might be a good idea for you to shop online. toTry your local store – use this Tesco online finder tool to Find out where your nearest location is.

If you do place an order from Tesco online, keep in mind you’ll pay £4.50 for delivery or £1.50 for click and Collect.

Be careful how you spend your money. to compare prices first to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Here are our top picks in the Tesco Toy Sale:

Paw Patrol sub controller

Was: £40. Now: £20. Save: £20 (50%)

Paw PatrolFans will love this sub-patroller.

This Paw Patrol Set includes an actual toySubmarine that lights and makes sounds when used by your child.

It also comes with a Ryder figurine, rubber rings, and a Rubber ring for play

Amazon sells this sub-patroller for a pricier £36.99 plus free delivery for Prime members. Non-Prime members pay £4.49 for delivery.

You can join the Paw Patroller Sea Patroller and save the baby sea creatures from being stranded.

Bring your pup, or their vehicle, closer to the action with the working crane. Once you’ve found the animals, activate the launcher to shoot out a rescue ring.

Enhance your adventure with the Sea Patroller’s exciting lights and sounds. By pushing the top forwards, transform the Sea Patroller into an enormous land vehicle.

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Barbie Dream plane

Was: £80. Now: £56. Save: £24 (30%)

Barbie is always a popular gift around Christmas time

Barbie It is a very popular Christmas gift

Let your little one take the photo Barbie toy plane.

It comes with a Toy DogThere are Mini suitcases, but they are not available for Barbie dolls.

The cheapest price elsewhere is from Smyths, which charges £59.99 plus free delivery or click and Collect.

Nerf AlphaStrike Infantry Pack

Was: £30. Now: £15. Save: £15 (50%)

Get your game on with this Nerf alpha strike set

This Nerf alpha strike set will get your feet on the ground.

The Nerf Alpha Strike infantry kit includes 20 darts to use.

This Nerf blaster can be highly recommended for children aged eight and above.

We couldn’t see it being sold by another major retailer, but a seller on eBay is flogging one for £34.99 with free postage.

Harry Potter Hedwig plush

Was: £40. Now: £20. Save: £20 (50%)

Hedwig is Harry Potter's loyal pet - and now he can be yours too

Harry Potter’s faithful pet is Hedwig andNow he can be yours!

Harry Potter fans will have the chance to play with their Hedwig thanks To This is A Beautiful Plush

The adorable snowy Owl is approximately 40cm tall.

This is the cheapest we could find the same Hedwig plush, with online retailer Magic Madhouse charging £32.95 plus free delivery.

LOL Pets remix

Was: £14. Now: £11. Save: £4 (21%)

Unbox a surprise with this LOL Surprise Pets remix box

This LOL Surprise Pets box is sure to surprise you!

There are 12 LOL Surprise Pets available to As part this, collect “remix” Assortment.

Each box includes one pet and one song lyrics tape sticker. Accessory items are also included. Shoes

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Tesco It’s not the cheapest price for this LOL Pets set. Smyths sells the same one for £9.99 although you’ll pay £4.99 for delivery if you’re ordering online.

Funko Pop Marvel four-pack

Was: £40. Now: £20. Save: £20 (50%)

Funko Pop are collectable figurines - this one features Marvel characters

Funko Pop collectable figurines also include this one featuring Marvel characters

Funko Pop Marvel sets are festive and include figurines of Groot and Captain Snowman as well as the Hulk. Thanos.

At £20 for the set, that works out at £5 per Funko Pop figure.

These same items have been selling on eBay since 2005. up to £25 with £3.75 delivery – so you’ll save £8.75 by shopping at Tesco.

These Tesco offers a second launch toy saleLast week, Play-Doh and Fisher Price were included

Smyths Toys is also offering a sale that might interest you. It offers discounts up to 50% on Barbie and Lego.

Sainsbury’s shoppers recently also shared bargain toy hauls as the supermarket launched a half-price sale In stores

Mum shares hilarious clip of Elsa doll going haywire

Source: Tesco announces a half-off sale on toys, including Paw Patrol or Barbie

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