January 27, 2023

Video games are great, but there’s still no present quite like a massive Lego set to inspire glee in the hearts of children of all ages. Consider this deal ZAVVI is running on a LEGO Harry Potter Great Hall & Chamber of Secrets Building Set (76389) Kit your invitation to make the heck out of somebody’s holiday, even if that somebody happens to be yourself. The 1176-piece set of brick-connecting joy is available for purchase. ZAVVI – $129.99 Right now, you can save up to 40% on the standard price by purchasing this item for $40

He LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets (76389) BuildingSet is a collectible Harry Potter toy that features 2 of the most iconic rooms at Hogwarts! In the Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter battles Tom Riddle and the giant Basilisk, just like in the movies. In the Great Hall the sorting hat, Dumbledore’s golden-owl lectern and other magical accessories are ready to use. There’s excitement (and Cornish pixies!) everywhere.

The Harry Potter large LEGO LEGO set, which includes enchanting features and familiar characters, is ideal for exploring and display. This castle toy has 10 minifigures, including Nearly Headless Nick, a special, glow in the dark minifigure. There are endless play-and-display options. There are also collectibles: an exclusive 20th anniversary golden Voldemort miniaturefigure and 6 random wizard cards tiles.

This modular, magical system allows children aged 9 and above to continue adding rooms to build an entire Hogwarts Castle.

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Source: Get this massive LEGO Harry Potter Set at a Discount of $40 from ZAVVI.com

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