September 28, 2022


PAW Patrol’s Adventure Bay exhibit at Liberty Science Center fosters teamwork and collaboration. It also offers a lot of fun in an immersive environment.

By Barbara Russo

September 22, 2021

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Are you up for an adventure? Bring the whole family to Liberty Science Center in Jersey. CityFor more information, see: PAW Patrol Adventure Play. This exhibit features adorable police dogs from Nickelodeon’s hit preschool series, PAW Patrol.

The interactive exhibit opened in September 18th. Run for your child and your caregiversRescue missions and working together to overcome challenges are some of the many benefits of a fun and immersive environment. Liberty Science Center staff members say children learn about different jobs and how professionals keep people safe.

What to Expect at the PAW Patrol Exhibit in LSC

Visitors to PAW Patrol Adventure Bay come together with eight pup characters. Each one is inspired by real-life jobs such as firefighters, construction workers, pilots and other community members. The TV This series also shows how families workTogether we can save the day.

Each pup comes equipped with their own special skills, gadgets and vehicles. Museum visitors can make their own pup packs using their imagination tools. They can also view the town’s layout from a tower that allows them to see who is in need of assistance. These missions include:

Rescue of a stranded baby dolphin, seagull or snowboarder
Rescue plans with PAW Patrol action figurines on the Jungle Play Table
Stacking the “Tallest and Tastiest Cake” at Porter’s Cafe
Fun sorting game to help Adventure Bay residents recycle their trash

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There are many photo opportunities with the dogs and cool backgrounds.

The exhibit was produced by The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis in partnership with Nickelodeon. It’s a fun way for kids to learn bravery and heroism, through exciting stories, according to science center staff.

“The messages of PAW Patrol and its characters are consistent with the values of Liberty Science Center. PAW Patrol teaches that by working together strategically and cooperatively we can solve problems to make a difference in the world,”Paul Hoffman is Liberty Science Center’s President & CEO. “That is why we are excited to host this new exhibit. I look forward to seeing our youngest visitors engage with the idea of community leadership through service professions.”

What you need to know about Visiting PAW Patrol: Adventure Bay

Where is Liberty Science Center located?

Liberty Science Center is located atJersey City Boulevard, Jersey City NJ.

When is PAW Patrol Adventure Bay available?

PAW Patrol Adventure Bay will be open during regular museum hours. You will find the most recent information on the website every month. The exhibit will be open until May 1, 2022.

What are Liberty Science Center PAW Patrol Adventure Bay ticket prices?

General museum admission includes the new exhibit. Tickets are $29.99/$24.99 for ages 2-4.

What are the Liberty Science Center’s current COVID guidelines?

All visitors older than 12 years must present proof of COVID-19 vaccination to Liberty Science Center. All visitors older than 2 years must wear masks regardless of their level of vaccination. All visitors must agree to a contactless temperature scanner at security entrance.

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Visit for more information. You can also find the Liberty Science Center Facebook and Instagram.

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