October 2, 2022

Paramount will produce a Beyblade Film together with Jerry Bruckheimer

Jerry Bruckheimer already holds the keys to Paramount’s Transformers franchise, but now he’s adding another Hasbro property to his lineup. Deadline is reporting that Bruckheimer is once again teaming up with the studio on a film based on Hasbro’s BeybladeToy line.

Takara, a Japanese business, was originally founded Beyblades1999. These toys are basically spinning tops players use to fight in arenas called Beystadiums. Many tops featured flashy Bit-Beast designs. They also produced a manga and anime collection in the U.S., which aired around same time as the toys hit shelves.

Paramount hasn’t found a director for the movie yet. Paramount has however announced that it has hired a director. Beyblade’s script-writing duties over to Neil Widener and Gavin James. Widener and James were hired to write and HourmanFilm for DC and Warner Bros. They are also working to create a Hot Wheels movie and an adaptation of Michael Crichton’s Micro.

Beyblades has sold hundreds and millions of units worldwide since their inception. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Paramount is most likely considering the project’s franchise potential. Paramount is keeping the plot details secret for now.

What do you want from a live-action production? Beyblade film? Leave a comment below to let us all know!

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Source: Paramount Jerry Bruckheimer is developing a Beyblade Film

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