February 4, 2023

LEGO celebrates its 10-year anniversary NinjagoYesterday brought back a flood of nostalgia from cast members and crew around the world. The event provided some insight into the future, with images from the LEGO set and the Ninjago Season 14 poster.

According to rumors, The Island season 14 is the next season. Jay, Jay, Nya, and Lloyd will be joined by Zane (Zene, Lloyd, Zane), on a mysterious Island. They will face new threats, enemies, and challenges. It’s a sad continuation of the continuing saga, as Kirby Morrow, who portrayed Cole, has passed away.

Ninjago Season 14 official posters show one of the new threats: a large and armed Totem Pole.

This totem pole character will also feature as a central part in the four Ninjago Season 14 LEGO sets. These sets will become available in North America on March 1, 2021.

Lloyd’s Jungle Chopper Bike(71745)

183 pieces
Minifigures: Lloyd Garmadon, Nya, Rumble Keeper
Price: $39.99



Jungle Dragon(71746)

506 pieces
Minifigures: Lloyd Garmadon. Zane. Poulerik. Thunder Keeper
Price: $70.75

The Keeper’s Village(71747)

632 pieces
Minifigures: Cole, Jay, Kai, Chief Mammatus, Thunder Keeper
Price: $88

Catamaran Sea Battle(71748)

780 pieces
Minifigures: Jay, Kai, Zane, Chief Mammatus, Rumble Keeper, Thunder Keeper
Price: $69.99

Season 14 of Ninjago is due to be released sometime in spring. Season 15 will be out in the fall.

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Source: ‘Ninjago’ Season 14 Official Poster and LEGO Sets Revealed

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