December 2, 2022

Disney+’s SneakerellaThis movie combines the lore about Cinderella with modern cinematography and is the latest to explore this concept. ItChosen Jacobs plays the lead role. The original movie stars actors from many movies and shows.

These actors have a lot experience, including the adaptation of Stephen King and the sequel to a classic romance comedy, just to name a few. While not all cast members are household names, it doesn’t mean they haven’t acted in memorable viewing opportunities.


Chosen Jacobs – It (2017)

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Many Live-action CinderellaA princess from medieval times is often the protagonist. Chosen Jacobs plays an aspiring sneaker design and is an unorthodox Cinderella archetype. Sneakerella.

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Before this role, the actor’s most beloved was in ItThe first chapter in a duology that is based on Stephen King’s iconic novel of this name, titled. He plays Mike Hanlon, one of the members of the duology. “Losers Club”Pennywise, the terrorizing clown, is up to anyone who dares to speak out. The film was critically acclaimed and audiences praised it as a faithful adaptation. ItIt is definitely an exciting adventure.

Lexi Underwood- Little Fires Everywhere – 2020

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Lexi Underwood is the Prince Charming. SneakerellaAs the lead character’s romantic interests, a high-schooler from a wealthy background, she plays her role.

Underwood previously appeared in the miniseries. Little Fires All Around. Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington star in the leading roles. Original TV Series on HuluIt is set in the 1990s, and explores the parallel lives of two mothers from different socioeconomic backgrounds. Underwood plays Pearl Warren, a talented student who is also Washington’s protagonist.

John Salley – Bad Boys (1995).

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As a former basketball star, my passion for sneakerheads is strong. SneakerellaJohn Salley is a veteran player on the court. He has also held brief roles, including the role of assistant basketball coach. The classic Michael Bay movie Bad Boys.

A buddy cop comedy, and an action-thriller. Bad BoysMartin Lawrence and Will Smith play unlikely detective partners in an investigation into a case involving stolen drugs. They also protect a witness. It received mixed reviews but was a hit movie. Salley plays Fletcher, a computer-hacking nerd who is granted parole to assist the police. Salley also reprised his role as Fletcher in the sequel.

Juan Chioran, The Cheetah Girls

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While SneakerellaHis stepbrothers don’t love El, the movie’s protagonist. Gustavo, El’s neighbor, is always friendly. Juan Chioran is most well-known for his voice acting credits. He plays Gustavo. Paw PatrolAnd Beyblade: Metal Fusion.

When it comes to his live-action work, he appeared in The Disney Channel original movie The Cheetah Girls as the father of Raven-Symoné’s Galleria “Bubbles” Garibaldi. The story revolves around four teenagers who dream of starting their own music careers. Chioran’s role as a father is to encourage his daughter to pursue their artistic dreams. From The Cheetah GirlsTo SneakerellaChioran has a talent for playing Disney characters. It makes you feel good.

Yvonne Senat Jones – The Bobby Brown Story (2018)

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Yvonne Senat Jones appears in SneakerellaJohn Salley plays Denise King. She is Denise King’s husband and sneaker tycoon Darius King. One of Jones’ dramatic roles includes a portrayal of Robyn Crawford, the close friend, and creative director to Whitney Houston.

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A miniseries of four segments about the life of one of the most iconic figures in R&B. The Bobby Brown StoryIt focuses on its titular character’s musical career, struggles with addiction, as well as his marriage to Whitney Houston. With a charismatic performance by Woody McClain as Brown, the series is the perfect beginner’s guide to his career and personality.

Robyn Alomar – Utopia Falls (2020)

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Robyn Alomar and her Sneakerella costar Devyn Nagda starred in the film the Hulu sci-fi TV show Utopia Falls. Set in a dystopian future, the show features a competition in which 24 teenagers must battle and represent their colonies.

It’s a reality show, but the characters quickly discover a deeper truth that could alter the future society. The show’s obvious references to young adult fiction will be a hit with fans of teen franchises like The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, Divergent.

Devyn Nekoda – Annedroids (2013-2017)

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Devyn Nekoda plays El’s best friend in this movie. Devyn Nakoda may have been seen before in Prime Video sci-fi comedy Annedroids.

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Anne, an 11-year old inventor, creates secret androids. Her junkyard laboratory friends, one of which is Devyn Nekoda’s Charlie, are also joining her in her mechanical adventures. This series is a great choice if you are looking for a sci-fi show that is family-friendly.

Bryan Terrell Clark – Snowpiercer (2020)

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Bryan Terrell Clark plays El’s frustrated stepfather, who is overworked. Clark was also seen in the role recently. The sci-fi series Snowpiercer.

Adapted from Bong Jon-ho’s movie with the same title. SnowpiercerAs the train travels across a planet destroyed by global environmental disasters, it stops at the title train. There is a class struggle within the train as the workers are oppressed and rebel against the elites. Clark plays the role Pastor Logan. He is part the ensemble Daveed Diggs directs. He is a character with a mystery past, and it is eventually revealed that he is close to Joseph Wilford (the series antagonist played in Sean Bean).

Kolton Stewart – Some Assembly Required (2014-2016)

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Every Cinderella story needs some mean step-siblings. Kolton Stewart plays one of these siblings in Sneakerella. The actor/musician has previously appeared in the teen comedy. Some assembly required.

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The sitcom centers on a 14-year-old boy who becomes the owner of a toy company. The show is about Jarvis’s experiences in managing the company, with a little help from his high school classmates. Stewart appears as Jarvis, the teenage protagonist of the series who must deal with not only the unexpected business role that he gets but also his own coming-of-age experiences with love and life.

Hayward Leach – Love Life (2020-)

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Hayward Leach plays, along with Kolton Stearn, another stepbrother that bullies El incessantly Sneakerella. Leach, a relative newcomer to this industry, has only appeared in a handful films and shows that include popular credits such as HBO’s. Love Life.

Starring The Good PlaceWilliam Jackson Harper is an Alumnus. Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick, Love Life is an anthology series dealing with the ups and downs of modern love. Leach appeared in three episodes of season 1 as a supporting character called Freddie.

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