September 28, 2022

Mojang has introduced a new app to allow players to try new Minecraft features.

The Preview app for Minecraft will replace the current system.

Players who wish to test new features in Minecraft Bedrock must first download the Xbox Insider hub, then sign up for the beta programme. Then, you will need to switch between the current release or the beta builds as you like. The new Minecraft Preview app will eliminate most of the hassle.

Minecraft. Credit: Mojang/Microsoft

Mojang has released Minecraft Preview on the official blogIt also provided details about the changes that are coming. Betas are currently only available for Xbox, Windows, Android, and Mac, but the app will soon be available on other platforms. It is an independent app from Minecraft Bedrock, so you won’t need to switch between builds. Minecraft Preview will initially be available for iOS, Xbox, Windows 10/11, though Mojang is currently working on expanding it to other platforms.

The blog post also noted that worlds can’t currently be imported into Minecraft Preview. Preview will not have a lot of features, including cross-platform multiplayer and the marketplace (but only for certain platforms), realms/featured server, and achievements.

In other news, a patch for Elden Ring has put a stop to hackers breaking players’ save files. Prior to the patch, an exploit was in the game that allowed PC players to hack another player’s save file, causing them to infinitely spawn in an invalid area of the world, resulting in a permanent in-game death cycle.

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Source: ‘Minecraft Preview’ is a new app that lets players test upcoming features

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