October 2, 2022

Videogames can be used to teach. Minecraft could contribute to the unresolved discussion about the effects of videogames upon children and highlight its potential as more than an open world sandbox.

Mojang released Minecraft in 2011. Minecraft allows you to create a 3D world which can be explored simultaneously by multiple players. Minecraft was the first to allow players to trade their items. It is flexible and customizable, making it an excellent platform for metaverse creation. You can also share your content online. This makes the game more engaging and fun, and makes it more interactive.

The game banned NFTs and other cryptocurrency-related integration as there is a lot more to offer in the world under the surface of just being a game. Web3 metaverse platforms are centered on “x-to-earn”Tokenomics makes it difficult to use the platform beyond social entertainment. 

Minecraft was a very popular game, with more than 93 million players in 2021.You actively play gamesIt is the most beloved sport of all time, with most players aged between ten and ten. 

Educational purpose

Minecraft Education EditionThis add-on is intended for classroom engagement. This edition allows students and teachers to create historical locations and then show them in 3D. Teachers can use this software to create forest fires and rural fires to teach children fire prevention. Students have already built. Monuments and historical movementsThere are many platforms you can explore and take part in, such the Parthenon, International Space Station or US Civil Rights Movement. 

Metaverse can take advantage of Minecraft’s educational purpose and allow players to make the platform more than a shopping mall. It can also be used by users to decide whether they want the world social, explorable, or to create.

What can Metaverse developers learn about Minecraft?

What makes Minecraft’s open-world a poster-boy for the metaverse is that it is decentralised – nobody owns it. Although the game is owned and operated by Microsoft, it’s open-source, free to all, and accessible for everyone. You can create your own designs using blocks without any dictats. 

Unlike Meta’s monolithic metaverse, which is largely owned by tech giants, Minecraft allows players to create their own metaverse and can have their own rules of engagement, which is the whole idea behind democratising the metaverse.

Another important aspect of Minecraft is that it’s immersive without hitech mechanisms. Without VR, AR or HologramsIt is possible to draw people into the game’s world using only a computer screen. Minecraft is a great example of how immersion can happen with minimal graphics.

Minecraft has a reason for users to be on the server — it is a game. Mojang created Minecraft to allow users to create their metaverses. All the teasers of Meta’s metaverse suggest a social world where users can just “hangout”With friends online in a world that allows for little customization

Lego to Minecraft to Metaverse

MetaverseThis project was inspired by the idea of Minecraft, which is still being developed. Minecraft was inspired by LEGO building blocks. This game allowed children to build and create. 

Similarly, Second LifeThe 2003 game “The Metaverse”The concept was first introduced by the creator of the game. Since then, many games were able to create a Metaverse. “metaverse-like” concept in their world like Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto or Microsoft recently acquired Blizzard’s World of Warcraft with active online multiple players interacting in the same world.

Metaverse is moving from virtual to tangible, and 3D virtual virtual is now possible. It is therefore possible for developers to establish educational capabilities within the metaverse. 

“That’s the true test of metaverse ambition — and a lesson that Decentraland, Somnium, and Sandbox could well learn from,” Theo PriestleyLinkedIn post by – CEO, Metanomic

Source: Minecraft is the Ultimate Meta Teaching Platform

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