October 3, 2022

With PokemonRumours have been circulating about the next generation of the monster-catching franchise’s collaboration partnership with McDonald’s. McDonald’s employees and Leakers have already shared a lot of information about the upcoming collaboration. These hints hint at both toys and the event’s date range. McDonald’s has now made an official announcement about its latest round of toys.

The Pokemon Franchise has a long history with fast food restaurants, with the monster-catching craze appearing in multiple places. Both McDonald’s as well as Burger King have previously issued this award. PokemonAs part of their respective kid’s meals, they included -themed toys. Burger King offered gold-plated items Pokemon Promotional cards during PokemonIn its early days, trading cards were offered by both companies as part of promotions. The newest McDonald’s is now. PokemonThe tie-in will include trading card, coins, and other goodies to fans of the franchise.

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McDonald’s has officially announced its newest menu item Pokemon The promotion will offer Happy Meals with a variety of exclusive toys. McDonald’s iconic Happy Meal boxes will be rebranded with a Pikachu design with pop-out ears. The toys included in McDonald’s newest Happy Meal boxes were revealed during the McDonald’s Match Battle. Pokemon Fans who score a set with four cards, a special penny and a set with four cards will receive Happy Meals. Pokemon-themed spinner. The promotion will continue until the end of September and will be available through the first month of next year.

McDonald’s latest Pokemon Promotion will try to avoid many problems that plagued last year’s tie-in. The 2021 Pokemon Many people purchased promotional items at the event. Pokemon Cards in bulk and selling McDonald’s cards online. The UK branch sold only one toy per customer due to problems with the US rollout. No matter how many Happy Meals they have purchased, customers will be unable to buy more than one toy at once.

PokemonThe latest collaboration between McDonald’s and’s comes in a year that has seen huge success for the franchise, with big projects in the future. Pokemon Legends: ArceusIt was highly popular and one of the most-sold games in 2022 after its January launch. Later in the year, the franchise will release its next main-series title. Pokemon Scarlett and VioletScheduled for release in November. The latest Pokemon Promotion at McDonald’s will be another big event for the iconic chain.

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Source: McDonald’s

Source: McDonald’s Officially Announces The Pokemon Happy Meal Toys 2022

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