February 4, 2023


The corrected box for this year’s LEGO Star Wars 75309 Republic GunshipIt is reported that the product is already available in stores.


When the first prequel trilogy Ultimate Collector Series set in more than a decade was revealed in July, it was accompanied by a wave of controversy – driven by quotes from LEGO designers first and foremost, but also by the fact that the original box and instructions bear the Imperial rather than Republic logo.

At the time, the LEGO Group’s Senior Marketing Manager Ivan Podryadchykov told Brick Fanatics (and other LEGO Fan Media) that revised packaging would arrive ‘as early as December, or in some cases as late as February’. This timeline may have been a little too cautious. The updated box can be seen on shelves.

Benny Balois shared an image of the corrected box in the LEGO Star Wars Fans facebook group. It clearly shows the Republic logo over the set name on all black packaging. While the user hasn’t revealed which store they discovered the updated75309 Republic Gunship in their profile states they’re based in Miami, so a US LEGO Store seems likely.

That means the first batch of misprinted boxes could be on their way out sooner than anticipated – perhaps as a consequence of selling faster than the LEGO Group expected, or simply because the company didn’t want to give a target it couldn’t guarantee meeting back in July.

LEGO Star Wars 75309 Republic Gunship box error 2

Of course, as that original estimate involved a staggered roll-out across different regions, it may still take a while for the corrected 75309 Republic Gunship box to show up, depending on where you’re based. But if you’re keen to pick up a misprinted copy – whether for your own collection or as a potential future investment – best not leave it too late…

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Source: LEGO Star Wars UCS Republic Gunship’s corrected box is here

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