February 4, 2023


Online rumors indicate that there will be a summer wave featuring nine LEGO NINJAGO sets for 2022With potential prices and release dates.

PromobricksWe are reporting that the new LEGO NINJAGO range will be available this summer. There will be nine builds with prices ranging from $19.99 to $139.99

NINJAGO Core was launched not too long ago. It featured evolving creations as well as sets that were aimed at a younger audience. Rumours have it that the theme will move forward with a summer collection that includes mechs and temples, vehicles, and a crystal king.


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Here’s every reported LEGO NINJAGO summer 2022 model, though the source mentions that names in brackets are not confirmed:

71759 4+ Ninja Dragon Temple – $39.99
71768 Jay’s Golden Dragon Motor Bike – $19.99
71769 Cole’s Golden Dragon Cruiser – $39.99
71770 Zane’s Golden Dragon Raider – $29.99
71771 (Dark Temple) – $79.99
71772 The Crystal King – $69.99
71773 Kai’s Golden Dragon Raider – $89.99
71774 (Golden Dragon) – $139.99
71775 Samurai X Mech – $119.99

71741 NINJAGO® City Gardens–299.99

Power Miners 8962 The Crystal King

71772 The Crystal King set, which is believed to be one the Power Miners builds, looks similar to the 2009 Power Miners built, 8962 Crystal King. It was a single large brick-built figurine made from rocks and minerals.

The wave is expected focus on golden dragons with multiple heads. The Ultra Dragon was last seen in 70679 The Ultra Dragon. Reports suggest that the Ultra Dragon will be launched in June.

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Treat all rumours, including the above, with caution until an official announcement from the LEGO Group is made about NINJAGO’s future offerings. The Core range of sets has just been launched and is eligible for a complimentary polybag at the official online shop.

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