February 4, 2023

The blocky world of Minecraft is the perfect partner for the blocky world of LEGO bricks – and potentially the perfect theme for generous Black Friday discounts. Here’s everything we’re expecting to see from LEGO Minecraft during Black Friday 2021.

LEGO Minecraft Black Friday Discounts

Sometimes overlooked in the LEGO Group’s wider portfolio, LEGO Minecraft is the company’s most enduring video game theme, having been on shelves since spinning off from an early LEGO Ideas set in 2013. It is available at a range of prices and appeals greatly to all ages, thanks to its diverse and colourful builds.

If you’re in the market to grow your LEGO Minecraft collection, Black Friday presents the perfect opportunity: not only could several of the theme’s sets potentially end up discounted, but the LEGO Group typically offers multiple gifts-with-purchase and bonus VIP points across its shopping weekend, giving you the chance to really maximise your LEGO budget.

LEGO Minecraft Crafting Box Black Friday deals

21161 The Crafting Box 3.0 is about as close to real Minecraft as you can get with LEGO bricks, marrying together the blocky virtual world’s sandbox approach with thematic LEGO pieces and minifigures. The 564-piece kit includes Steve and Alex minifigures, and instructions to build a castle. The opportunities really are endless, though, making this one of the purest LEGO Minecraft experiences around – and one to therefore keep an eye out for during Black Friday.

LEGO Minecraft figures Black Friday deals

Block-headed minifigures can be found in almost all Minecraft LEGO sets. This allows you to quickly and easily build a large number of Minecraft LEGO characters. Black Friday will make it easier to purchase LEGO Minecraft characters.

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Black Friday Deals: LEGO Minecraft Retired Sets

LEGO Minecraft 21152 The Pirate Ship Adventure edited

Some of the most popular Minecraft LEGO sets have already retired – including LEGO Minecraft 21119 The Dungeon, 21128 The Village and 21137 The Mountain Cave – and eight different LEGO Minecraft sets are joining them in 2021, such as 21152 The Pirate Ship Adventure and 21155 The Creeper Mine.

Click here to check out the full list of sets, all of which could enjoy tempting discounts across Black Friday and Cyber Monday, offering the perfect opportunity to stock up on cheap LEGO – all while qualifying for whatever gifts-with-purchase the LEGO Group has in store for 2021.

Click here to find all the Black Friday deals we’re hoping to see in 2021, and be sure to check this page regularly for all the LEGO Minecraft Black Friday deals.

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