October 3, 2022

The 10th Anniversary of the Founding of the LEGO FriendsLEGO has created an anniversary set to celebrate the theme. The following is the LEGO anniversary set. Friendship Tree House (41703).Hidden treasures can include a variety items that can be found in the collection. This acknowledges that the theme has been influenced by references from the past ten years.

LEGO® Friends celebrates its 10-years of building friendships and future creators

Billund, Denmark, 1 January, 2022: The LEGO Group invites fans to celebrate a decade of LEGO® Friends as we take a nostalgic look back at some of the theme’s unforgettable milestones. To mark the 10th anniversary, the LEGO Group is releasing an exclusive new celebratory set – the Friendship Treehouse (41703) – alongside seven other new sets on January 1st to add to the popular Friends franchise.

Since its launch in 2012, LEGO Friends has taken children on many adventures. Children can learn the value of friendship by creating realistic play environments and sparking their creative curiosity.

‘LEGO Friends is one of our most beloved franchises and is a culmination of four intense years of anthropological research,’Rosario Costa, Design Director at LEGO Group, stated. The LEGO Group’s intensive research involved thousands of girls and their families around the world. It confirmed the need to provide more role-play opportunities, as well as realistic accessories and animal nurturing. From the very beginning the focus was to build a solid foundation for a healthy, long-term sustainable business that would help invite more children into LEGO play and I’m incredibly proud to say that we have successfully accomplished this.

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LEGO Friends’ success has been built on innovation and the evolution of the theme. This is why LEGO Friends has remained relevant over a decade. The original theme’s goal was to promote creativity, realistic role-playing, and a character-based world that reflects core LEGO building beliefs. This theme brought forth a new type character. ‘the mini-doll’The LEGO Minifigure is a scaled-down version of the LEGO minifigure, but it’s more detailed and realistic. ‘Not only is the celebration of LEGO Friends 10-year anniversary a great achievement, it’s also extremely exciting to celebrate the anniversary of the mini-doll, recognizing it as a brand icon for the LEGO Group’, Creative Lead, Design Director, Fenella Blaize Charity, LEGO Group.

Friends was expanded to include animated TV series (Friends of Heartlake City and Friends and The Power of Friendship & Friends Girls on Mission), video and books, as well LEGOLAND and LEGOLAND attractions attractions.

Heartlake City

Since ten years, the LEGO Friends story has been focused on five main characters from Heartlake City. Each one of the friends – Olivia, Mia, Andrea, Stephanie and Emma have distinct qualities and interests, with the building sets designed to immerse children into different parts of town where the friends’ adventures take place – downtown, suburbs, beach, nature, camping grounds and mountains, to name a few.

Fenella Blaize Charity explains “to represent Heartlake City as a modern city that resonates with children, we’ve worked hard to evolve the stories to reflect everyday life as kids see it today. The new 10th Anniversary set is a testimony to how Heartlake City has modernised over the last ten years. And we’re taking very deliberate steps to ensure the Friends universe continues to better cater for the growing diverse audience of LEGO Friends. With our 2022 product line-up we have the most diverse character lineup we have ever had – including lots of amazing new supporting characters. The colour palette and tone of voice has also evolved to represent the modern world – with new exciting architecture and details. I really hope our fans are as excited about the innovation as we are”.

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Friends 10th Anniversary Sets

LEGO Group is celebrating its 10-year anniversary with eight new LEGO Friends sets, including the main character LEGO Friends Friendship Tree House. This set is full surprise and delights that will be sure to delight and amaze. The set is fun for children and encourages them to build friendships through roleplaying.

The anniversary Friendship Tree House allows you to bring your fans back in time and adds a little more entertainment. It also includes some retro Heartlake City treasures. A digital guide makes it easier to build. Available in the LEGO Building Instructions app, it lets children visualize their nature set as they build, allowing children to transport to Heartlake City where they’ll find that the best times are spent with friends.

These eight sets are available worldwide starting January 1, 2022.
Pet Clinic (41695) – $19.99
Turtle Protection Vehicle (41697) – $9.99
Beach Glamping (41700) – $39.99
Street Food Market (41701 – $49.99
Canal Houseboat (41702) – $79.99
Friendship Tree House (41703). – $79.99
Main Street Building (41704). – $149.99
Tree-Planting Vehicle (41707). – $29.99

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