October 3, 2022


Want to drive an electric race-car super fast? LEGO’s third Technic Porsche and first electric car to be made into a Technic model has been launched.

My 10 year old son was asked to choose his set and naturally, his eyes immediately fell for the sleek design. He was fascinated by electric cars and he set his sights on building the Formula E Porsche 99x.

This 422-piece set will keep your hands busy for at most a good portion of the day. It also has a pull-back function, which is definitely a bonus! This means plenty of racing action – hands-free!

Features of LEGO Formula E Porsche99x Electric 42137


This Porsche model is a replica of the Formula E Porsche racecar in real life. It even has sponsor logos. It will be a delight for Formula E enthusiasts. This LEGO set, which includes challenging components such the axels and wheels, should be a joy to build.

LEGO Technic: Formula E Porsche 99X Electric AR Car Toy (42137) Amazon: | ZAVVI: Buy Now

It is a simple set, but it is as predictable as a Technics one. The pull back function is the main feature of this car. It will be attached at the tail fin of your car and will allow you to have lots of fun later.

LEGO Technic AR app

You can also enjoy the car more by using the LEGO Technic AR App.

Builder’s Review of LEGO Formula E Porsche 99x Electric

Builder’s Review of LEGO Formula E Porsche 99x Electric

My 10-year-old was thrilled to have his first LEGO model of an electric car. Here’s his review of it:

I find the Formula E Porsche 99X a very cool set as it has very detailed and unique features. I have had some difficulties with the wheels and engines. The Porsche is unique in that it has unique features. For example, the box contains a QR code that you can scan. The QR code provides you with an amazing Augmented Reality Experience.

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It has been racing through my living room, I’m sure. It was very sturdy, even after endless handling. It is strong and can withstand being thrown into furniture. This car is a dream car and no repairs were required.

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