October 3, 2022


LEGO has many great summer releases, with something for everyone in this galaxy.

I can confidently say that summer is the most exciting season to watch Star Wars sets. Winter sees the smaller post-holiday releases, while Force Friday in the fall coincides with LucasFilm’s latest project.

LEGO can follow its own unique paths without needing to releaseAny blockbuster products in 2019? This list seems to be confirmed in 2021. It appears that the Latest setLeakage is a clear indicator.

The advent calendar’sMy favorite holiday tradition is to start with the lists. There really isn’t much to say here, but last year’s calendar was a step forward with new builds and exclusive Christmas figures. With that out of the way, let’s dive into the interesting information.

LEGO will capitalize upon The Mandalorian/The Clone Wars.

The Mandalore Throne and Vault Take the first set from the general sets. These battle vignettes were LEGO released this productFor many years. TrendIn the Clone Wars. This desk display is $20 and comes with Ahsoka, Darth Maul and both.

A new Mandalorian Fighter version, along with the first appearances of Gar and Saxon as Bo-Katan will be released. And let’s not forget about the Bad Batch, whose shuttle will be released along with a full crew of figures to provide a fresh spin on a familiar silhouette.

Made popular by The Mandalorian, next is the Imperial Troop Transport. The Set of 2Two stormtroopers and a brand new mortar trooper were added to the fleet. Fans will be delighted. This will be accompanied by Moff Gideon’s cruiserFor a steep $160 The scene includes strong figures and mini TIE Fighters. It might be worthwhile. And it’s about time Moff Gideon LEGO is coming to you form.

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There will be both original and new trilogy sets.

Perhaps the second version of Slave One is the most fascinating. Rather than being fittingly from The Mandalorian, this version centers around The Empire Strikes Back, evident in the inclusion of Han Solo. Fennec Shand will be included in the set, but it would have been a great addition. Boba Fett’sMore authentic appearance This will be paired with a new model. Darth Vader’sMeditation chamber

LEGO will continue its activities May 4th. TrendYou can create your very own R2-D2 characters. It’s been done before, but designers have the ability to re-imagine a model that clearly needs it.

What other UCS sets can LEGO make?

After winning the fan vote LEGO’s rendition of the Republic GunshipIt will be available for purchase at $350 This model will be UCS’s first model of the Clone Wars Era and must be large.

Then there’s the lingering “question mark”There are over 6,000 pieces. Some believe it to have a. Death Star. It could be made up of tens of thousands parts. An AT-AT is another possibility. It would be surprising, however, if the model was not released in the last year.

Either way, LEGO has some big plans in 2021, and that’s not even mentioning a new game as well. Which What do you think is missing?What are you most excited about? Comment below!

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Source: New LEGO Star Wars leaks hint at an exciting summer wave

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