February 4, 2023

Over the past 50-years, DUPLO has expanded from a basic brick set into offering themed products like fire and police. The lines include characters as well, in the form of DUPLO’s own style of not-so-mini figures, such as police officers, doctors, cowboys, scientists, and parents. There are also Disney characters as well as DC and Marvel characters. DUPLO allows LEGO fans of all ages to tell their stories using these sets. The LEGO people ensure that their products are easily available. “withstand being bitten, dribbled on, thrown across the room in a tantrum or stepped on by determined young explorers”(A direct quote taken from their press release.

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In the 50 years to come, LEGO has expanded their DUPLO offering from the previously mentioned Disney characters and superheroes to steam trains and cargo trains. While they do still carry some open-ended DUPLO sets for those who like to make up their own builds, LEGO has quite a large number of themed DUPLO playsets, from Disney, DC, and Marvel to their line of Town sets (Airport, Farm, Police, Animals, Farmer’s Market, Fair, etc.LEGO The Movie 2 even has a set called “LEGO The Movie 2 Emmet and Lucy’s Visitors from The Duplo Planet.”

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DUPLO was not available to me when I was a kid. My sister and myself were old enough to get into regular-sized LEGO bricks. But my kids had DUPLO, and I think they’re a fantastic entry into the world of LEGO. They are highly recommendable.

DUPLO, Happy Birthday

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Here’s a timeline of their evolution over the past half-century (go to the LEGO website for a larger version).

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