September 28, 2022


LEGO Friends 2022 sets have more information, including descriptions of 13 builds as well as release dates.

StoneWars reports they have information about the LEGO Friends 2022 range. This is similar to the LEGO LEGO Minecraft list.

The following are some suggestions Sets are expected in January

41695 Veterinary Clinic – €19.99, 111 pieces, two mini-dolls
41697 Turtle Rescue Car – €9.99, 90 pieces two mini-dolls
41700 Glamping on the Beach – €39.99, 380 pieces, three mini-dolls
41701 Street Food Market – €49.99, 592 pieces, three mini-dolls
41702 Houseboat – €74.99, 737 pieces, four mini-dolls
41703 Friendship Tree House – €79.99, 1,114 pieces, four mini-dolls
41704 Apartment Block – €149.99, 1,682 pieces, eight mini-dolls
41707 Tree Planting Vehicle – €29.99, 336 pieces, two mini-dolls

The first Wave of LEGO FriendsCreations is the largest and most expensive. The Block 41704 Apartment Block is one of two setsThese can have more than 1000 pieces. It also contains three brightly colored structures. One set is said to have three floors while the other has two floors with a roof terrace and one floor. There are eight minidolls, one of which is in wheelchair.

Rumours suggest that these models will be available in the futureMarch:

41694 Animal Ambulance – €9.99, 54 pieces, two mini-dolls
41698 Animal Playground – €19.99, 210 pieces, two mini-dolls
41699 Animal Adoption Café – €29.99, 292 pieces, two mini-dolls
41709 Holiday Home on the Beach – €69.99, 686 pieces, four mini-dolls
41718 Animal Daycare – €64.99, 593 pieces, four mini-dolls

Another set was found online, but it is not yet in the new list. The only stated information for it is the number 41713 and a price of €69.99.

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These rumours could be false, so don’t take them seriously until the LEGO Group confirms otherwise. Recent reports of 2022 waves in other themes, such as Star Wars and Speed Champions, have been posted online.

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Source: Further details on the LEGO Friends 2022 sets have been discovered

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