February 4, 2023

Amazon: Save up to 30 percent on toys and games 


You can keep the kids busy all winter by doing the impossible. Up to 30% Discount on Hasbro games, Play-Dog and Playskool toys and games Bonus: They’re all inherently screen-free. We’re talking the old-school kinds of ways of enjoying family or sibling time, and to be honest it’s something everyone might be a little thankful for after the video games have been beaten and the streaming queues have been exhausted.

There are many options to diversify their toy and craft collections, regardless of age. There are almost $10 savings for children aged pre-school through grade school. 36-count packages of Play-Doh30% Discount on a Sitting ‘n’Spin Peppa Pig wheelPlayskool – 31% Discount on an Early Introduction to Capitalism via Monopoly JuniorYou can also save 31% 

Other younger kids’ games are also majorly marked down, as well as games good for older kids like Scrabble Deluxe (now $15 off) — and adults (hello Monopoly Friends Edition now 32% off 

Source: Enjoy 30% off Hasbro Games and Play Doh as well as other Midwinter Blues Products

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