September 29, 2022


Let it rip! The popular BeybladeThe live-action adaptation of the franchise is being made.

It’s been announced that Paramount Studios will be making a live-action movie based on the popular spinning toy franchise, Beyblade.  Beyblade is a spinning toy franchise that was originally developed by Takara, a Japanese company. Later, licenses were granted to other companies, including Hasbro. They were the inspiration for a number of successful manga, anime, comic, and manga series. Nearly all adaptations focus on a Beyblade-fighting tournament.

Beyblade models include the Ultimate Saizo (Spin Dragoon), Ultimate Frostic Dranzer (Ultimate Frostic Dranzer), Gekiryu–Oh), Megaro arm, Spark Knight and Zinrai. These toys have their own rules. Beystadiums are arenas where players would fight with their toys. Beystadiums battles can be compared to a Colosseum-style brawl. Each player is equipped with a Beylauncher that allows them to launch their Beyblades. This concept is shown in every adaptation. The live-action film adaptation of the story is currently in development. It looks like we will finally be able to see it. “real”The battle for Beystadium would look like.

Beyblade receives the Live-Action Hollywood Film Treatment


The studio also announced that Jerry Bruckheimer, a veteran producer, would direct the live-action adaptation. Bruckheimer is a producer of films in science fiction and fantasy, drama, action, and other genres. The veteran producer is well-known for his work on film franchises such as Pirates Of The Caribbean, Bad Boys, National Treasure, and Beverly Hills Cop. Bruckheimer is also well-known for producing shows like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Without A Trace, Cold Case and The Amazing Race. The script will be written by Neil Widener and Gavin James, who are also writers.

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The Beyblade live action film has yet to be directed or released date. Besides having a producer and two scriptwriters, details of the film’s plot are still under wraps. If we had to guess the film’s story, it could take inspiration or nods from the manga and anime series. The live-action film adaptation should add to the franchise’s legacy.

Beyblade Getting an Unexpected Live-Action Movie Produced by the Jerry Bruckheimer for Paramount - The Illuminerdi

What are your thoughts about Beyblade being adapted into a Hollywood film? Are you still a fan of the Beyblades? Are you a fan anime and manga? Let us know what you think in the comments below, or let us know on Twitter.


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Source: Paramount’s Jerry Bruckheimer Produces an Unexpected Live-Action Movie for Beyblade

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