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Which Mega Construx Destiny toy is best?

Bungie developed Destiny, an original video game franchise. The game takes place in a futuristic sci-fi and fantasy world. It has both story-based and player-vs.-person game modes. Destiny 2 was released in conjunction with the original Destiny. It featured both PvP and multiplayer action. Sci-fi gamers today love the Destiny series.

Mega Construx is a toymaker that makes toys. Action figuresDestiny has teamed up to create a line toys for children who love building blocks. toysBased on the game. The Mega Construx Mega Mega toy is the Set of EV41 Racing BuildingsIt includes Warlock, Colossus, and the EV41 Momentum master car.

How do I choose a Mega Construx Destiny Ty?

Video game

As a Destiny player, you play the role Guardian. Your job is to protect Earth’s last cityFrom the invasion of different alien species. Each character has their own abilities and otherworldly weapons. Destiny can be described in a combination “Star Trek”This Old Western movie is about good guys as well as bad guys. You and other players may join forces to complete raids on bosses in the PvE player vs. Environmental game modes (PvE). These raids will provide you with valuable loot. You can compete against other players to achieve objectives if you choose to play in PvP.


In Destiny, your character can have three weapons slots. One is your primary weapon. This typically includes an automatic rifle. Another is for secondary weapons such as a shotgun, pistol, or unique weapons such a sword, rocket launchers, etc. Each weapon is unique because of its rarity. This is common in Video games. Weapons with higher rarities do greater damage and have unique abilities and perks. These include the Pulse Rifles and Linear Fusion Rifles.

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The three main classes of Destiny are Hunters and Warlocks. You’ll notice these characters Each Mega Construx Mega Construx toy is listed in its product descriptions. Each class has several subsets that make up the entire universe of characters. To keep things simple, the three main classes are what’s most important. Hunters, high-jumping marksmen that are skilled in offense and defense movement, also focus on long-range shooting and long-range shots. Titans are more resilient that Hunters. They use utility and defensive barriers to keep their team alive. Warlocks can also control crowds and heal. Each class has its own unique benefits.

What to look for in a Mega Construx Destiny Ty of high quality

Display stand

Mega Construx toysThese toys can be displayed or used for playtime. These intricate pieces are perfect for display. Video games. Action figure collectors. Destiny was designed for this purpose. toysA display stand can often be included with the purchase a Mega stick. Mega uses a transparent building block that is attached to a colored stick. This gives your character the illusion that it’s flying through the air.


The Destiny universe is a major part of vehicles. Like character classes and weapons, vehicles are unique in this sci fi fantasy universe. There’s a huge variety of ships that either hover above the ground of a planet or fly throughout space. Sparrows are the main means of transport for Guardians. They can only be occupied one person and they are very similar the Podracer from The. “Star Wars” films. There’s also the Jumpship (Dropship), which is used to travel throughout the solar system. You can also find figures of the Hawk- and Harvester cars.

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Armor is removable

Mega Construx figurines often come with removable armor. You can change your character’s appearance at will. Many of these figurines are interchangeable, so you can swap out outfit pieces and armor. Mega Destiny figures can be interacted. You can create nearly unlimited scenes by swapping helmets and coverings between characters.

How much you can buy a MegaConstrux Destiny Toy

Mega Construx Destiny toysCosts between 40 and $290

Mega Construx Destiny – FAQ

Mega Construx still makes Destiny toys

A. Mega and Bungie’s partnership ended in 2019, meaning Destiny. toysToysThey are no more made. There are still some. toysAmazon has them, however they are not available for purchase. You might not be able secure certain sets if they sell quickly..

How many series of Destiny are there? It was released by toysMegaConstrux

A. There were three main series. toys: The Guardian Armory, Arsenal series. Mega released Sparrow vehicles and main setsThis vehicle combination includes characters and accessories. Cabal harvester Dropship is a unique series.

What’s the best Mega Construx Destiny toy to buy?

Top Mega Construx Destiny ty


Mega Construx Destiny EV41 Racing Building Set

Here are some things to know Mega Construx’s EV41 Racing This set can be assembled with 99 piecesTo assemble.

What you’ll love: The EV41 racer is available in three colors: blue, red, or black. This gives the ship the illusion that it’s floating, just like in the video game. Two figures are available: a Warlock and an enemy Colossus. Each figure comes with a weapon, such the Hung Jury SR4 rifle.

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Here are some things you should consider This product is not recommended for children younger than 3.

Where to Buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Mega Construx Destiny Toys to Save Money

Mega Construx Destiny Lion’s Vigil Hunter Figure

What you should know This legendary Hunter class figure is wearing blue and gold Trials of Osiris armour.

What you’ll love: The armor can also be used for other purposes. Transferred to similar characters from Mega Construx Destiny.. Your character can be displayed on a stand you make. You can also get the accessory weapon for Ghost.

Here are some things you should consider This toy doesn’t come with any vehicles.

Where to Buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Mega Construx Destiny Cabal Harvester Dropship

Mega Construx Destiny Cabal Harvester Dropship

Here are some things to keep in mind This Harvester Dropship can also be built with 2,311 pieces..

What you’ll love:You can see the ship’s intricate details, including its many color sections and rotating thrusters. The ship comes with five figures, Hunter Cayde-6 included.

Here are some things you should consider This set is extremely difficult and should be used only by Mega Construx builders with experience.

Where to Buy: Sold by Amazon

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