February 4, 2023

Which LEGO Friends set is your favorite?

LEGO FriendsIt is dedicated to five teenage girl, Emma, Mia and Andrea. It also includes Olivia (Stephanie, Olivia) and Stephanie (Olivia). The LEGO FriendsLine depicts scenes of Heartlake life City. These mini-dolls are all interested in their own things so the LEGO FriendsSets with their names are centered on their interests.

Emma and Mia are looking for a way to help them rescue dolphins and sea lions. They need your help finding the hidden treasure in an abandoned home on a tiny island. Take a look at this 602-piece. LEGO Friends Lighthouse Rescue Center 41380 Building Kit.

Here are some things you should consider before you buy a LEGO Friends set.

There are more than 200 LEGO FriendsSets that cover many different areas. 


These are the most beloved LEGO Friends themes:

  • Animals: LEGO FriendsSets are available for children who are interested in animals. These include a veterinarian’s clinic, a jungle shelter as well as horse training and doggy day care.
  • Boats:LEGO FriendsSets are great for kids who love being close to the water. They include party boats, sailboats and surfer beachfront set.
  • BuildingsThese LEGO FriendsSets include structures for children like schools, hotels, and hospitals.
  • Vehicles: These sets include motor scooters, helicopters, and airplanes (ambulances), for children who are interested in vehicles.

This article will provide more information. LEGO Friends sets. LEGO Friends set buying guideBestReviews.

What to look for when buying a LEGO Friends set of quality

LEGO FriendsSets are adventure games that stimulate the imagination. These are activities that feature five teenage role models, who are all best friends. They are open-minded to new things, especially when they help others.

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The LEGO FriendsThe team is made up of five characters, each with their own personalities, interests, looks, and responsibilities. Choose the character or characters that your child is most likely to identify with. Each set should include at least one of five main characters. Sometimes, two or more can join forces to create an adventure.

AndreaShe is a confident and charismatic performer who is on her journey to becoming a celebrity. She loves performing on stage and singing, dancing, and playing guitar. She is passionate about costumes, beauty treatments, and is a great chef.

EmmaThe LEGO FriendsFashionista is a creative, imaginative character who expresses herself artistically. Emma draws, sketches and paints everywhere she goes. She is passionate about design and makingovers. 

MiaShe is passionate about animals and enjoys adventures in the great outdoors. She gets things done, doesn’t like gossip and never worries about what other people think about her. She is a vegetarian, and enjoys riding horses, camping, and going on adventures. Mia excels when it comes to training animals.

OliviaShe loves gadgets, inventions, as well as anything to do with engineering. She is passionate about computers, coding, robots, and coding. Her favorite spot in the lab is solving problems and creating new things. She is known to her friends as a mad scientist.

StephanieAn athlete who is passionate about sports, fitness, and health. She is a great swimmer and lifeguard and loves to go on rescue missions. Stephanie is a confident leader who loves to help others achieve their best.

How much can you spend on a LEGO Friends set?

A small set that includes just one miniature doll or one limited scene will cost around $10 LEGO FriendsSets between $20 and $50 cost more, but include more mini dolls and intricate scenes. The most elaborate LEGO FriendsSets can include three, four or five members. LEGO Friends. They can be as high as $250.

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FAQ for LEGO Friends

Are the instructions included with the LEGO Friends sets as well?

A. The LEGO app is completely free! It includes all the instructions that you need to assemble your LEGO bricks. LEGO Friends set. You can also zoom in, rotate, and see your progress as it builds.

Why can’t you find all the LEGO Friends sets?

A. LEGO loves to release new sets every year, and then discontinue other sets. LEGO will not allow a set to be resold in secondary markets that cater specifically for collectors if it is retired.

Where do you start if you’ve never bought a LEGO set?

A. Choose a small, simple and inexpensive set with a theme that’s really likely to capture your child’s interest, such as animals or vehicles or buildings.

What’s the best LEGO Friends set to buy?

Top LEGO Friends set

LEGO Friends Mia’s Tree House 41335

What you need to know This LEGO FriendsSet includes a tall treehouse, an attic with open roof, and a secret compartment to store a tree trunk.

What you’ll love: This set includes Mia, Daniel, and Mimi mini-dolls. Cinnamon the bird is also included. Details include a skateboard or folding ladder for Mia and Daniel, as well as a climbing net.

Here are some things you should consider It is hard to keep track of all the little accessories.

Where to Buy: Sold by Amazon

Top LEGO Friends set for the money

LEGO Friends Olivia’s Hamster Playground 41383 Building Kit

What you need to know This mini-playground offers a great way for kids to have lots of fun at a very reasonable price.

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What you’ll love: Olivia, the mini-doll leads the fun with Harry and Molly, as well as Rumble hamsters. These characters have fun using a ramp, slalom cones and a hoop for their mini-cars and mini-motorcycles.

Here are some things you should consider This is the smallest. LEGO Friends sets.

Where to Buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Lego Friends Lighthouse Rescue Center 41380 Building Kit.

LEGO Friends Lighthouse Rescue Center 41380 Building Kit

What you need to know LEGO FriendsEmma and Mia are the LEGO FriendsYou can rescue sea lions and seals, dolphins, and birds.

What you’ll love: When you wet the secret map, the treasure’s location is magically revealed on the mini-island, which has a coral reef and an abandoned beachcomber shack. The simple and intuitive building instructions will allow your children to see their creations in a special ghost mode.

Here are some things you should consider This 602 piece set is very expensive.

Where to Buy: Sold by Amazon

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