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Which dog Advent calendar is the best?

Counting down to Christmas has been a tradition for many years. An Advent calendar is one way to count down. The 24-day Advent calendar usually includes treats and chocolates for children starting on Dec. 1. In recent years, brands have launched imaginative Advent calendars that appeal to a wide range of people. Pet owners can now purchase Advent calendars with treats and toys for their dogs.

The following is our selection for the Best of the Best dog Advent planner: Frisco Holiday 12 Day Advent Calendar featuring Toys for Dogs. This abbreviated Advent Calendar is perfect for small- to medium-sized dogs. It features adorable, seasonal-themed squeaky toys.

How to buy an Advent calendar for your dog

1, Toys or treats

Are you looking for a fun and creative way to gift your dog toys and treats during the holiday season? Advent calendars for dogs are a great way to include your pet during the countdown to Christmas.

The most important decision you need to make before buying a calendar is whether it includes toys or treats. This decision will be based solely on your dog’s preferences. If you’ve lived with your dog for any amount of time, you’ll definitely know which reward they’ll want most.

2, One or multiple dogs

The number of dogs you’re buying for is another important consideration. Do not feel obliged to purchase matching Advent calendars for dogs that you own. Choose what works best for your dogs. If one dog prefers toys, the other prefers treats. You can order one of each. To prevent any squabbles, be sure to give your dogs each day their own presents.

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3, Dog size

When purchasing a canine Advent calendar, an important safety consideration is your dog’s size. If you have a small dog, you won’t have to worry about this as much. However, dogs of medium-sized to large size should preview any toys before they arrive. Some toys can be too small and pose a danger to their health.

Although it isn’t always possible to gauge the size of every toy included, most Advent calendars list what breed sizes the toys are intended for.

What to look out for in an Advent calendar for dogs?

1, High-quality toys and treats

Don’t trust any random dog Advent calendar that you find. Just as when you purchase toys and treats apart from a gift set, ensuring quality is essential for your dog’s health and safety.

Buy your dog’s calendar from a reputable brand. This is important for calendars with toys as well as treats. Top companies ensure that their products meet the highest safety standards.

2, Festive design

Dog Advent calendars can be a lot of fun. Who doesn’t want to surprise their pup every day with a new and exciting holiday treat? Each Advent calendar comes with a unique packaging that is equally captivating. It’s easy to get into Christmas spirit with festive dog-related artwork and Christmas tree designs. Display your dog’s Advent calendar on your kitchen counter, near your dog’s treat stash or as a shelf decoration.

3, Variety

Your dog will likely not object to the same toy or treat 12 days consecutively, but it is better to have variety in their daily routine. The best brands offer unique rewards for each season in their calendars. You can trust your dog to enjoy the holiday treats you have created, whether it’s unique holiday toys or brightly colored gourmet biscuits.

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How much can you expect to spend on a dog Advent Calendar

The majority of dog Advent calendars are between $15 and $40.

What’s the best dog Advent calendar to buy?

Top dog Advent calendar

Frisco Holiday 12 Day Advent Calendar featuring Toys for Dogs

What you need: This 12-day countdown features a cute Christmas tree design and includes a plush Santa and candy cane print bone.

What you’ll love: Standing 17.5 inches tall, this thoughtful Advent calendar is green with plaid drawers. Each drawer holds a seasonally themed toy, suitable for small and large dogs.

What you need to know: The toys are not recommended to be used by heavy chewers.

Where to Buy: Sold by Chewy

Top dog Advent calendar for the price

DreamBone Holiday Rawhide Free Collection

What you need: This box of treats, which spans 24 days of Advent, is a great value for money and sure to delight all dogs.

What you’ll love: Every day of Advent, DreamBone manufactures a rawhide-free treat to your dog. All treats are made of real chicken and are enriched with essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

What you need to know: Treats are designed for small dogs so they may not be as satisfying for larger dogs.

Where to Buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Midlee Christmas Advent Treat Box

Midlee Christmas Advent Treat Box

What you need: This Advent calendar for dogs is customizable and can be filled with your dog’s favorite toys or treats.

What you’ll love: This calendar will ensure that your dog loves every day. The calendar has 25 slots that lead to Christmas. You can also save the calendar to reuse next year.

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What you need to know: This calendar does not include toys or treats.

Where to Buy: Sold by Amazon

Dog Advent calendar FAQ

Should I buy an Advent calendar to use with all my dogs?

A. You can make this decision for yourself, but it is best to get one Advent calendar each for your dogs. Including all of your dogs in the holiday celebration will ensure that they do not get jealous of one another’s toys and treats.

What are the treats/toys included in a dog Advent Calendar?

A. Most dog Advent calendars have a shorter countdown than the ones for humans. Almost all designs include an easy 12 day countdown to Christmas.

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