October 2, 2022

These are the best building blocks sets to entertain children for hours

Building blocks are a childhood favorite. These simple toys can be a great way to entertain your child for hours. They also have many other advantages. Building blocks can improve cognitive function as well as problem-solving skills. It’s a fun and engaging way to help children develop their motor skills. Building blocks are an excellent option for all skill levels. Find a few.More building block ideasTake a look at the suggestions below.

Why is it that building blocks can improve cognitive health, and well-being. 

Children can use building blocks sets as a way to solve problems. Even simpler sets encourage improved muscle control and motor skills in younger children. There are many engagement levels available for block sets so that you can find the best set for your child, based on their abilities. Interactive toys are a great way to increase your child’s social and mental skills. 

Why is it important for children to develop early in life?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and PreventionIt is important to encourage early child development. It encourages children and families to reach developmental milestones. These milestones fulfill both educational and emotional needs. This is why achieving these milestones promotes safety and good mental health. 

Building blocks can be an effective way to encourage early learning by giving children a task that they can do with their caregivers. Positive interactions with caregivers can help boost self-esteem. It’s important to find building block sets that are the right size and material for your child based on their age and cognitive skill level. This table lists the building blocks sets based on the child’s age and the materials used.

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Best building blocks sets 12 months or older

Mega Bloks Building Basics Abc Learning Train

This set comes with three rolling bases that children use to stack and create their own plastic blocks. The 60 pieces can be divided into alphabetic blocks.

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Lego Duplo My First Alphabet Truck

This Lego truck comes with 36 pieces and encourages basic language comprehension and spelling. It includes adorable characters that can be used to encourage and integrate different levels of play. It’s designed to improve motor skills and develop an association with the alphabet.

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Mega Bloks Mattel Big Building Bag

Mega Bloks Mattel Big Building Bag

Mattel created a large bag containing 80 pieces of plastic. These pieces can be easily washed, which reduces the risk of spreading germs. The bag also includes a handy storage bag that can be used to keep everything together. 

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SainSmart Jr. Wooden ABC Blocks

SainSmart Jr. Wooden ABC Blocks

This set includes 40 stackable blocks marked with numbers and letters. The blocks are made of pinewood and non-toxic, water-based paint, so they’re perfect for younger children. 

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Best building block sets for kids 4 years and up

Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Block Set - 200 Blocks

Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Block Set – 200 Blocks

This 200-piece wooden set comes in nine different shapes and a variety of colors. The set weighs a little under 8 pounds and works best for children between 24 months to 8 years old.

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Brickyard Building STEM Toys & Activities

Brickyard Building STEM Toys, & Activities

Brickyard Building created a 163 piece set of building blocks, which includes movable and stationary wheels. The set includes over 40 designs and encourages interaction in many ways. The blocks are BPA-free and recommended for kids 4 to 8 years old. 

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Elongdi 130 Pieces - Magnetic Building Sticks Building Blocks Set

Elongdi 130 Pieces – Magnetic Building Sticks Building Blocks Set

This building block set can also be made from a variety of materials such as plastic or metal. The set contains 100 magnetic sticks that are BPA-free. The set includes a storage bag that can keep all pieces together in one place. Elongdi offers a quality guarantee on this set.

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PicassoTiles 100 Piece Set

PicassoTiles 100 Piece Set

PicassoTiles has a 100-piece set that includes clear, 3D magnetic blocks as well as playboards. This set is best for kids aged 3 and up and makes for a great challenge for kids who are further along in development.

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Melissa & Doug Deluxe Combo Cardboard Blocks

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Combo Cardboard Blocks

This set of 40 cardboard blocks includes easy to follow instructions. Each brick is lightweight, so it is easy to clean. It is also shipped in environmentally-friendly packaging which is great news for those who are concerned about the environment. 

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Lego Classic Bricks and Ideas - 123 Pieces

Lego Classic Bricks and Ideas – 123 Pieces

Lego has a variety of bricks and instructions that are suitable to all ages. To appeal to different skill sets, Lego offers a range of levels of difficulty, including easy and difficult building challenges. 

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Best building block sets for kids 8 years and up

Discovery Kids Toy Magnetic Tiles 50 Piece

Discovery Kids Toy Magnetic Tiles 50 Pack

This set contains 25 squares and 25 triangular pieces. The magnets hold the plastic pieces in their desired positions and allow for 3D designs. They are easy to clean so dirt and grime don’t build up. 

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Lego Classic - 1500 Piece Set

Lego Classic – 1500 Piece Set

This large Lego set comes with many pieces, including windows as well as bricks in a variety of colors. This specific set weighs a little under 4 pounds and is recommended for older children.

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