December 2, 2022

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Christmas is magical. Everyone is counting down to the day we can all wake-up and celebrate with our loved one. We all know that children love receiving gifts so they are excited. Advent calendars are a great way for your children to be excited and can even include some fun knick-knacks to keep them busy.

Advent calendars are a versatile product that has evolved over the years. Advent calendars are full of fun surprises, toys, and candies that make it easier to wait for Christmas. If they aren’t a household tradition, you can start them on Dec. 1.Children and adults!) Each day you can open a different door. Depending on the calendar you choose, chocolates, toys, and books might be hidden behind each door. 

We have compiled the following list of 2022 Advent calendars that are best for children. There’s an Advent calendar for every interest, whether your children are into Legos, science, or fidget toys. These popular options are often gone before the holiday season begins, so get yours now.


This Advent calendar is for avid readers. Every day you’ll find a new paperback to read, featuring holiday-themed adventures or regular stories of your Disney favorites. 


This Advent calendar allows children the opportunity to build their own village. Each day brings a new piece to the village. It can be anything, including a house or an Evergreen Tree to a Reindeer. Your children will have a lot of fun learning and having fun with 24 surprises. 

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This National Geographic Advent calendar is ideal for the science-loving child who collects gemstones. There are 25 special surprises in this calendar, from shiny to matte. Kids can even dig out the rose quartz on the 25th day. 


Who doesn’t love Pokemon? This brand has been loved for many years by both children as well as adults. This Pokemon Advent Calendar features 16 figures, including popular Pokemon like Eevee. For children 4 years and older


You’re not the only one with a Roblox-obsessed child in your home. This Advent calendar has 24 doors that can be opened to reveal holiday-themed Roblox characters. These accessories can be combined and matched to create a new character for your child. This calendar includes two redeemable codes that allow you to unlock Roblox content.


LegoAdvent calendars are always a hit. But this Guardians of the Galaxy version is sure to be a big success. This Lego Advent Calendar set includes 24 gifts made from 298 Lego pieces. This set is recommended for children 6 years and older. The seven mini figures will delight your child. Lego friendsAccessories included. Star Wars, Lego FriendsHarry Potter and, are two other popular Lego Advent Calendar themes.


This Advent calendar combines two trends. Funko Pop figurines continue to be a popular collectible, and Wizards of Hogwarts are still in business. This collection contains 24 Harry Potter vinyl Pocket Pops (mini Funko Pop figurines), making it quite diverse. This collection includes Harry, Hermione and Ron, as well other magical characters. 

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Sensory toys don’t have to be used for stress; kids love these trendy gadgets. The fun Advent calendar’s little doors are perfect for hiding a variety of doo-dads like tubes, popsicles, tubes and kooshy balls. This Christmas countdown calendar makes an excellent Christmas gift. It allows children count down the days to Christmas Eve and provides them with surprises each day.

Uncommon Goods

Grand Station is a favorite of children 3 years old and older. This Advent calendar features railway tracks, wooden trains, figures (including Santa Claus), and other holiday-themed items. Bonus: The box’s exterior can be opened to create a winter scene.


Children will love to count down Santa with daily STEM activities. The 24 little boxes contain materials for experiments and projects, with the exception of common household items. Children aged 8 and over are recommended to use the Crazy Scientist Advent Calendar. The calendar can be used by younger children who are interested. Bonus: You can reassemble the empty boxes after Christmas to create a board game.


This royal Advent calendar is designed for imaginative play-loving children. Each door contains one of 24 Playmobil pieces or figures that can be combined to make a royal picnic. This Advent calendar is a great deal as it includes a detailed set of toys that will last many years. Playmobil also offers many accessories. Back to the Future 3 Advent Calendar and a Bathtime Fun Advent calendarThe following holiday offerings for Advent calendar are available: For ages four to twelve


Mario and Luigi never looked better. This Super Mario Advent Calendar is a big hit this holiday season. The tiny doors reveal 17 action figure featuring video games as well as seven accessories. To prepare for Christmas, children 3 and older can place each prize around a cardboard scene.

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This solid wood Advent calendar doesn’t come with toys. You can fill the 24 drawers yourself. This gingerbread house can be used to start a family tradition of making an Advent calendar. You can simply add small holiday trinkets such as ornaments, chocolates or notes.

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