October 2, 2022


Online details have been made public about the LEGO NINJAGO summer sets 2021.

A list of seemingly upcoming LEGO sets is circulating online and through other LEGO Fan Media, originating from Libreriatilos, a Spanish retail store. These rumours may reveal the first details about the LEGO NINJAGO summer wave.

Just2Good and Ashnflash both reiterate these rumours which list a total of nine potential sets for the 10-year-old theme, believed to be split between NINJAGO Legacy and the next season of the show. These rumours are not to be taken lightly and should not be believed until confirmed or confirmed by LEGO Group.

The translated names of potential sets include Kai’s Slasher Bike, Ultrasonic Assault Vehicle, Ninja Assault Ship Final Flight, Lloyd’s Hydro Robot, Ampihiban Submarine, Fire Dragon attack, Water Dragon, Temple of Infinite Sea and Hydro Assault Ship.

It has been confirmed that the 2021 NINJAGO legacy sets are now available. The 71741 NINJAGO Urban GardensFans will have the opportunity to enjoy the show through the end of the summer season.


Source: A list of possible summer 2021 LEGO NINJAGO sets was discovered

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