January 27, 2023

Everyone has their secrets and maybe even a skeleton. Even the most reputable retailers can have it all, even those that are able to withstand the test of time. Kohl’s is one such store, which you might visit regularly or when you just need some retail therapy. If you’re a regular shopper, you probably have the lowdown on Kohl’s Cash and the ins and outs of company policies—or do you? Retail experts shared their knowledge about shopping at Kohl’s. Find out seven secrets Kohl’s has kept up its sleeves.

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You might not feel the need to go online when you visit a Kohls store. However, before you begin browsing, take advantage of the store’s internet connection. Elisa Bender, RevenueGeeks was co-founded, suggests.

“Have you heard of getting money for using the internet? Well, use Kohl’s free WiFi and get coupons,” Bender says. “This is one secret they don’t want customers to know, but now it’s out in the open.”

If this is not enough reason to save your data, especially if it’s part of a family plan.

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Chances are, if you’re a frequent shopper, your inbox is filled with sales offers and coupons from different retailers. Kohl’s employees aren’t slow to tell you about a deal when you’re in-store shopping. Blake BrossmanAn ex-Kohl employee tells Best Life.

Brossman now owns the property PetCareRX CEOThis is “one dirty secret Kohl’s has never told you.”

“While Kohl’s does have coupons and promo codes, our managers instruct their employees to tell customers we don’t know of any,”Brossman: “Now, if the customers figure it out on their own, that’s fine. However, they’d rather we don’t tell them.”

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Kohl’s Cash can be a great way of saving money. But if you have expired coupons, don’t throw them away.

“I was once checking out at my local Kohl’s store and noticed that based on the date printed on my Kohl’s Cash, it had expired,” Steven Frankel, Clothing deal finderDealperx explains. “The cashier explained to me that Kohl’s Cash actually has a 10-day grace period after it expires, and they accepted it!”

However, according Julie RamholdAnalyst for consumersDealNews may have a shorter grace time.

“According to some, if your Kohl’s Cash is green, you should be able to use it within 7-10 days after it’s expired (I’ve seen both reported recently),”Ramhold narrates Best Life. “However, not all associates may know this—and it’s possible the policy could change without warning.”

Ramhold suggests calling the company to place an order and asking if they will honor expired Kohl’s cash.

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Kohl’s recently announced plans to open Sephora shops inside all 1,165 Kohl’s stores nationwide—and there are currently 600 shops open now. If you’re looking to save up and use your Kohl’s cash for makeup, you’re outta luck.

These coupons are not valid for Sephora at Kohl’s purchases, according to Kohl’s website. Ramhold emphasizes the importance “read the fine print,”It is important that toys and beauty items are not included in this exclusion.

“Be sure that before you start planning your in-store or online shopping trip that you note which categories you’re planning to shop and any exclusions that may apply so you avoid disappointment (and sticker shock) during checkout,”She said.

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Ramhold claims that if something is cheaper online than in-store, Ramhold will match it.

“Just be prepared to show the product live online on your phone [as opposed to an image you previously took via screenshot] and be prepared for any restrictions they may try to place on it—for instance, you should be buying the exact same model number in the same color or the same item in the same size and color,”She said.

Ramhold states that Kohl’s may not be able to honor the price if the products are different. This is why you’ll want all your ducks in one row before you go to checkout.

Bender suggests that you open the Kohl’s app to shop in-store. The barcode scanner allows you to see the prices.

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Online orders can help you save shipping costs. Instead, have your order delivered directly to your local store.

“Sure, the minimum for free shipping is $49, which probably isn’t hard to hit in many cases, but if you live close enough to a store that picking up is convenient, why not take advantage of that?”Ramhold says that this is especially true if you only order a few items.

“If you’re worried about your budget, just be sure to avoid impulse purchases when you go in,”She continues. “Undoubtedly this is what Kohl’s is hoping for, but you don’t have to give in to the temptation!”

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Kohl’s offers a senior discount, although it’s not often advertised.

“If you are aged 60 years or older, try shopping at Kohl’s on Wednesdays,” Alex WilliamsCFO of FindThisBest LLCTells Best Life.

The 15% discount is applicable to your entire order, but it cannot be used for shopping Wednesdays in-store.

Kohl’s offers a 15% discount for military personnel on Mondays, if you don’t know.

Source: 7 Secrets Kohl’s Doesn’t Want You to Know — Best Life

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